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He's developed a rather nasty lesion at the back of the mantle - the skin is torn (probably from hitting the plastic mesh covering the drainage pipe at the top). So, I'm a tad worried.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what I can put in there (some antibiotic) that's not going to hurt him? I don't really want to lose him to infection after all of this time.

Will do a full water change early next week; cannot do so today or morrow for other reasons.
I am a bit out of it, what kind of squid is this?

also, about that adopt a squid program..as a school teacher, classes often do this. they raise money and adopt highways and whales and all kinds of things. Kids love making money, even if they are not directly benefiting from it.

You finked well Chrono, aka Grasshopper; tiz Sepioteuthis australis (Broad Squid); we have plans to bring you something more sensational soon. Thanks Carol, and Gaetan (wish I had a highway on offer). Something a little unusual (on the webpage) might happen soon, if I can duplicate myself (and time).
I checked in tonight. Happy to see he's still with us. How is the lesion? Did you decide on a course of treatment?

Haven't done the treatment yet Carol; have been a tad preoccupied with other things. Gave it a substantial water change tonight (~ 50%), and will do the same again in 2 days (tomorrow is a writeoff). As a consequence it might be a tad murky for a couple of days.

We'll be moving SQUIDCAM from its present website to another in the not-too-distant future, and at the same time, hopefully getting a bigger tank also; we'll have to adjust a link. Poor fella has long-since outgrown this one.


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