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squidcam squid was just more active than usual

I just tuned in to the squidcam, and the saw the squid put on a bit of a show... maybe it does this when it's ready to hunt; I haven't seen it eat a fish before, but it put on some striking vertical stripes on the sides of its mantle, and waved its arms in several different gestures, including curling them back over the top of the head, and sort of curling them out wide then back in...

I think it went after one of the fish, but I couldn't track with the camera well enough to see for sure...

Anyway, maybe it does this frequently and I've just only looked when it's bored and just going back-and-forth as a plain yellow-brown, but wow, I was really impressed this time.

It looks like the scratches on the tank are starting to confuse the auto-focus, though; sometimes it prefers to focus on the front of the tank rather than the squid... hopefully this will be resolved by the new tank.

I got one good snapshot of the spectacle, but I accidentally overwrote it before I could save it to disk....
chrono_war01 said:
rephrased as: can I eat it yet?

You most wicked fellow!! Squiddy is 'affectionately known' as Sh*thead around here - he has developed a bit of a personality.
SQUIDCAM is great!!!

Hi everyone,
The squid camera is the great thing!!!
You cam control the camera and zoom in and zoom out.

Ungrateful wretch gets fed near daily (two days at max) ... you can kiss goodbye an hour or two every couple of days - and his/her appetite is insatiable!
why sh*thead

My girlfriend would like to know what exactly the squid did to deserve this monicker-- was it just the "eating the siblings" thing, or something else?


- M :confused:
I'm not the most creative when it comes to names, that's all; I've got three cats that are also called 'Shi*head'. Re Shi*head's size, it's not the most obliging of beasts (keeps moving), but it's about 18cm long now - a little smaller than I'd thought, but then that's with a ruler hovering above him when he's half-way down the tank.
RIP Sh*thead


I don't know why; it was alive and extremely well this morning, and fed some nice fish. This comes as a bit of a kick in the guts ... rather unexpected ... but we've just got to start all over again, and this time be a little more vigilant.

Hopefully by the end of June we'll have more squid (or at least eggs; we're coming into spawning season again). As a bridging solution we might put an octopus in there, but I'm not so keen on this (maybe I should have a wee break). The upside, I'll be able to clean and polish the tank wall in the interim and bring it back new and improved.
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