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R.I.P S##thead

Poor Fellas sitting on my desk now.
Alas, we will be back with many more in the near future.
Will be doing work with him and the others soon, and will post the findings.
I intoduced SH*%head to many folks..
Thanks to all for your much appreciated efforts!

Sh*#head will rise again!! :shock:

ancora imparo,
There will be no other Sh*theads, just like there can be no 2 Steve O'Sheas, and no 2 Neil Daimonds. But there can be a person that can rival Steve O'Shea in squid knowledge and there can be one who sings like Neil, so watch out Squidcam, a new resident is going to be here, pretty soon! ( I think)
Wow! I'm blown away; can't believe the lil' bugger's gone. Really makes me regret all those times just walking through the office without stopping in to say "Hello, love!" Catching little fishies for him was one of the funniest things, "How many marine biologists and wanna-be's does it take to catch a handful of little sprat?" More than you'd imagine. Well, as it has been said time and time before, RIP Sh^thead. You will be deeply missed.
Flash Special //Flash Special //Flash Special //Flash Special //Flash Special //

***Hot of the presses! In the local student mag over here***

World famous Squiddy croaks after breaking record

by Jonathan Williams

A new squid will arrive on Squidcam by August after the beloved Squidcam squid "Squiddy" died last week. Squiddy left us last week, and while the cause of death has not yet been determined, it could be any number of reasons, says Dr Steve O'Shea, of the Faculty of Applied Sciences. He lists stress as the major reason, but does not discount other options, pending Squiddy's autopsy. "About 20 moderate-sized sprats were placed into the tank about 30 minutes prior to his death. There could have been a spike in oxygen demand. Alternatively he could have speared himself through the brain with a fish bone, and died of gluttony." Dr O'Shea is in charge of the world-leading experiment to keep giant squid alive in captivity. He already held the world record of 120 days, but Squiddy broke this record by living for a whopping 217 days. More than 650 faithful viewers of Squidcam each day will have to wait until more squid eggs, collected by Dr O'Shea off seaweed in the Hauraki Gulf, hatch. Squiddy provided valuable new insights for the experiment, by proving the primary goal that a developing squid can be kept alive in a reasonably small tank area, says Dr O'Shea. However, he plans to increase the size of the tank for the next experiment. Squidcam is designed to raise the public awareness of the plight of giant squid - many of which are native to New Zealand waters but are chronically endangered.


chrono_war01 said:
It's Sh*thead, but you can't say that in public can you?

Dunno. I'm not the author but I'd assume that, as much as "bollocks" is authorised, calling the record-breaking squid "Sh*thead" might be frown upon :wink:

Yikes, I'm away for a while and this happens.

RIP Sh*thead, and thank you Steve for making the Squidcam possible.

We've got additional eggs now, and am diving again tomorrow to try and get more. The weather is nothing short of horrible ... makes for an unpleasant dive, and uncomfortable boating trip in big seas ....

For sure we'll have additional squid on SQUIDCAM in ~ 4 weeks, eggs even sooner (awaiting camera setup again). Pity we have to start from scratch again, but themz the breaks (the tiny fellas are so hard to see).

Will let you know when we're back online.
It's a sad loss for little Sh*thead, any guess as to the age? Well, good luck on the next try, I wish you all the best. Now is anyone else wondering why it says "Squiddy" on the site? By the way, is Sh*thead a reference to The Jerk with Steve Martin?
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