[Featured]: TONMO mourns the loss of staff member DWhatley; "D"; Denise Whatley


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May 30, 2000
Today and for all of #Squidtember and onward we remember @DWhatley ("D"; Denise Whatley), who passed on September 3rd after a long battle. D was our beloved staff member and author of over 21k posts on TONMO (more than double that of any other member, including myself).

Denise quietly fought her illness but remained a dedicated member of our community throughout. We will miss her and continue to honor her memory and contributions; may her posts and texts, which she posted with the consistent intention of ensuring cephalopod well-being, forever stand in her honor.
This post is meant to be a

She asked me to make this post to let all of her friends know that she has lost the hard fought fight against cancer on September 3, 2022.
Her Family, both direct and extended, meant everything to her and this is something we all should cherish.
Her friends were not far behind. I feel that she received much more than she gave in tutoring the members of tonmo.com start and maintain their cephalopod aquariums. Through tonmo she made friends worldwide,
I would like to thank ALL of her family and friends for being there for her.
So, I would like for you to raise a glass in remembrance of Denise Whatley
From me, her loving husband of 51 years, I would like to say
You were my everything and my life.
We had a hellava good ride.
I will always love and remember you

@DWhatley and me at #tcon7 in 2018:

and here at #tcon6 in 2016:

Also from #tcon6; there is Denise on the left with camera, sporting octopus shorts, next to my wife and I:
RIP Denise ♥️ :octopus:
:angelpus: <-- one of her many emoji's/smilies
D played a big role in advising octopus keepers on Tonmo. Over time she kept many octopuses and was able to pass on the knowledge she gained. She will be missed for her expertise and also as a friend. Rest In Peace D Whatley


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