1. tonmo

    [Featured]: New Perk for Supporters - Quick Search

    I'm happy to share a spiffy new feature for our Supporter community called Quick Search; here's a screenshot: How it works: When you're on the main forum list page, entering your search term ("beak" in the example below) in the Quick Search box shows the most recent 10 threads containing...
  2. F

    New Aquarium Build

    Hey everyone so I'm definitely not new to theaquarium hobbby but I have never owned a octopus before and I want to start off with a bimac. I managed to get a 75 gallon tank, with a stand online for 100$ (massive steal) but I have a few questions. It's hard to find any information if at all...
  3. tonmo

    Please Read First: Forum Guidelines and Cephalopod Care Ethics Statement

    UPDATED May 21, 2018 Welcome! Before you get started, please ensure you have read and are comfortable with all of our guidelines. - we have our / Deep Intuition, LLC Privacy Policy and Terms of Service - we have a particular stance on forum conduct, including focus on cephalopod...