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Mar 5, 2019
Rockland, Ontario, Canada
Hey everyone so I'm definitely not new to theaquarium hobbby but I have never owned a octopus before and I want to start off with a bimac.

I managed to get a 75 gallon tank, with a stand online for 100$ (massive steal) but I have a few questions.

It's hard to find any information if at all regarding care sheets for specific octopuses so I was wondering if bimacs truly are the "beginner" or "go to" (beginner in brackets because octopus are not beginner fish at all lol) octopus of the hobby.

Also, I live in Canada and can't seem to find anyone that sells any. Would anyone be able to point me to breeders or sellers that sell them?

Thanks a lot for your help!
Welcome to TONMO! Bimacs were more prevalent in the mid-2000's; there were a couple of suppliers and we had a steady stream of them under care here on TONMO. @DWhatley can probably advise on what we're seeing / hearing about most these days. Definitely check out the "List of our octopuses" threads under the Cephalopod Care forums. Looking forward to following your journey here!
We occasionally see O. briareus (Gulf of Mexico) sold in Canada but, as you are finding out, sourcing an octopus is difficult in the US and more so in Canada. Your best be is likely to be to find a local supplier of imported fish and see if they can order one through their wholesaler. What you are likely to end up with will be A. aculeatus or an animal in the Abdopus family.

Had a read through the collection of post linked in the Posts with Into for New Octo Keepers thread and pay particular attention to the Box of Chocolates discussion for a feel for acquiring an octo.

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