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Tank parameters 1.


Sep 6, 2022
Good morning, I’ve worked towards getting ready for about a year. (Mostly getting another tank to move my fish to.) This is my 75 gallon tank (plus sump). This tank has been running for about three years. It is well-established. Our new octopus will be living in this tank.
I Purchased a 300 gallon tank to move most of my corals and fish into. Now that the 300 is running, and most of the fish moved into it I am ready to move forward with an octo. We have had two other common brown octopus over the past couple of years and we look forward to a cold water octopus.
Tank parameters; ammonia- 0. Nitrite-0. Nitrate 20ppm. High Range PH-7.6. Temp 70°.

Looks great! If you do plan on getting a bimac, if you are able to lower your water temperature to 65 you will increase the longevity of your animal. Higher temps = higher metabolism = faster death, but this can be difficult without a properly sized chiller.
This is a mature tank with several other creatures in it, so I couldn’t drop the temperature drastically right away. I had to ease into it to see who was going to tolerate it. I’ve got it down to 68° now. I will work towards lowering it a little at a time.



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