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May 30, 2000
We are re-starting the ceph availability program, and we've created a new forum to support requests. Please review the following before requesting a ceph.

Eligibility [IMPORTANT]:
  • In order to qualify for ordering a ceph, you must start a thread in our TANK TALK forum, and include a photo of your ceph-ready tank, along with specifications (water temp, ph, etc.). Orders placed without an associated thread will be canceled and refunded. (Hint: tank must be 70F maximum and we recommend at least a 55 gallon tank plus sump for protein skimmer, etc.)
  • Step 2, come back to this forum (Tomh Cephs) and post a new thread expressing your interest, along with a link to your tank specification thread mentioned above.
  • Shipments are currently limited to the United States.
  • Tomh accepts Paypal (other forms of payment TBD).
Once you receive your octo, we strongly encourage you to share tank specifications, pictures, stories and details of their ceph-keeping experience by starting a journal. This is important for the success of the program and the well-being of the cephalopods. Your participation will be taken into account when assessing approval of any future purchases. We take care to ensure positive identification of species made available through this program and the well-being of these cephs (and advancement in our collective learnings) is critical to its success.

Program Notes:
  • Please allow 2-3 business days for order processing.
  • Orders will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis. If you somehow place an order after we've run out of stock, your order will be canceled and refunded.
  • All sales are otherwise final. Transport is best effort - we cannot guarantee survival on shipment. We will refund half of costs assuming well-documented description of the problem via email to [email protected].
  • We remind you to review our cephalopod care ethics and guidelines.
  • We will offer complete transparency about this program here in this forum (failures, successes, etc.).
Hello! I'm extremely interested in having an o. briareus! I have experience with pet octopuses, it started with just ones that were already dying, I'd take one from the asian grocery that sold them- o. minor and I'd let them live out their days in my tank, they all would start with already having color shedding off their skin :cry3: but a couple lived a month-6weeks. Then a still healthy octopus (I named him Elephant) managed to get caught and i saw he was lively, good coloring, active, he's been living for the last many months in my tank, but he is getting old, less active now than 4 1/2 months ago, eating a lot less, I fear he's on his way out now.. He was an adult when I got him, & hasnt grown any so I think his time may be coming.. So I decided I'd post my interest in an O. Briearus here because i know it doesn't happen instantaneously! Pics are of Elephant hiding, and the other is a night scuba dive that i found several o. briaerus and was squealing for joy lol. I always saw them with blue green coloring.
This is a link to my tank in the tank talk!
I also have some bit of journal kind of on him, but i'm not sure where it is located.


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I also have some bit of journal kind of on him, but i'm not sure where it is located.
Hi ACC4: to find your posts, you can always hover on your username in a thread, and then click on the # of message you've posted, as shown here:


Another way is to click on your username in the upper-right corner:


This behaves the same in the mobile experience. Hope that helps! With all that said, here is your journal thread:

As noted at the top of THIS thread, please don't forget to also create a thread about your tank in the Tank Talk forum; this is a prerequisite for this program (we want to ensure all tank specs are well documented for any cephs obtained / discussed here, for maximum learnings and transparency). Thank you!

EDIT: just caught up; thanks for doing it, @ACC4!
Awesome, thank you, that helps me understand how to find things a bit better! So how does it work with when you have cephalopods? You reply to me? Or you post to the thread and if I’m watching the thread I’ll be notified?
It has been really amazing finally having an octopus that was healthy, the difference is night and day! They were all coming from a grocery mart to be eaten like same day, they were pretty far gone. I believe that my Elephant was preying on these weaker ones and managed to get caught himself! The other ones were exhibiting senescence and much confusion, sitting out in the open for hours resting… resting on my arm and stroking it only to panic when it saw my face and what the arm was attached to, not eating, and I also always did every slow acclimation -all minimum 4 hour drip line, I’m going to switch over to keep journaling in the other thread/forum :smile: here’s a picture of elephant on a rare day time sighting


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So how does it work with when you have cephalopods? You reply to me? Or you post to the thread and if I’m watching the thread I’ll be notified?
@Tomh will advise you on availability -- good luck; looking forward to the new journal! :thumbsup:
Hi, @Tomh & @tonmo have you been able to get any o. briareus? I’m dying for one and my tank is ready. It doesn’t feel right for me to not have an octopus companion now, as I’ve always had one for the last almost year (I had several-it wasn’t all one octo because I got all of them as full grown adults that were being sold to be eaten but I nurtured them instead) so when one would pass away, then I’d have another quickly after) it feels so lonely and sad now that Elephant the o. Minor has passed away 😢 I’m eager to have an octo that has been caught with care and treated as the incredible, intelligent & sensitive animal that it is.

I love coming up with puzzles for their enrichment (with live crabs inside especially) and having an environment they can thrive in and watching these beautiful, curious creatures!

Please let me know if you can get ahold of an octopus for me, preferably an O. briareus, but if you have any species of octo that is healthy and could use a home I’d be interested so long as I can meet its needs. My phone and WhatsApp is [redacted] thank you!
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