1. qiazopus

    [Featured]: Octoproofing glass tanks

    Hello all! Below is an image of an aquarium facility where I'll be carrying out octopus research. I'll be using 12 tanks, each with a mother octopus that will have hatchlings of 4-5mm size. To improve the tanks: 1) I'm looking for ideas of locking devices on the lids on top of adding bricks...
  2. O

    Filming a Blue Ringed Octopus in the UK?

    Hello Everyone, I hope everyone is doing well amidst the CV-19 pandemic. I am working on a cinematic wildlife series and we are looking to film a sequence on chromatophores (later in the year). We feel a Blue ringed would be great species to demonstrate the elaborate nervous system of...
  3. D

    tank size for hatchlings?

    Hello! I'm working with Octopus bimaculoides and looking at trying to rear some fertilized eggs. I would like to raise them in different tanks than the adults are housed in for logistical reasons (mostly to prevent them from going into the filtration system, but also to better track their...
  4. pkilian

    New tanks!

    Hi everyone! I wanted to make this quick thread to document my construction of 6 new acrylic tanks that I'm going to be adding to my systems to use for water changes and to artificially increase the volume of my sumps. Hopefully this can be a good resource for anyone who wants to work with...
  5. S

    New to octopus tanks

    Hello so I am interested in starting an octopus tank. I wanted to know what size I should get I am thinking about getting an O. Vulgaris. Also what I might need and where to get an octopus. I am open to looking into other octopus but just need help with finding one and all I need. Any advice for...
  6. Classic TONMO Cephalopod Videos

    Classic TONMO Cephalopod Videos

    Member-submitted videos from the earlier days of TONMO Videos may not be reproduced without permission.. Sorry, them's the rules... These clips were graciously contributed and intended for this site only. If you have questions, drop me a line. Click link to play video clip: 9/25/06 - Broad...
  7. F

    New Aquarium Build

    Hey everyone so I'm definitely not new to theaquarium hobbby but I have never owned a octopus before and I want to start off with a bimac. I managed to get a 75 gallon tank, with a stand online for 100$ (massive steal) but I have a few questions. It's hard to find any information if at all...
  8. Charlo

    How much is enough filtration?

    Hi there, I am in the very beginning stages of my octopus adventure (I do not plan on owning one for another couple of years). As I am researching, I wonder which is the best way to filter an octopus tank. I plan on having a ton of live rock, a sump, a protein skimmer, and a Granular Activated...
  9. David John

    Octopus Documentary

    Hi there, I'm very curious to hear your go-to-anecdotes that you tell friends outside the cephalopod community when discussing looking after your animal We’re currently producing a documentary about octopuses. As we explore their biology and behavior, we will reveal just how intelligent and...
  10. Col. Cuttlefish

    What are your favorite decorations for your cuttle tank?

    I am looking to decorate the tank and prepare it for some cuttlefish. What are your favorite caves, plants, and other decorations that you have used or seen in a tank?
  11. Akasenei

    Greets from Jersey city, New Jersey, US

    Hi! My name is Jin, i work with several other people here creating stained glass (not my type) and handmade mosaic (look at my octopus at avatar, isn`t it adorable?). Nevertheless, i`ve been looking for a tank to build reefs for quite some time, next step will be fishes or octopus for sure...
  12. C


    Lets see some full tank shots