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Potential bimac tank


Feb 12, 2013
Hi gang,
It's been a while since I've been active on this forum, and since I last had an octopus. If you go back several years you can find a journal of my mama-oct named Iris who had babies, with lots of photos!

My 75-gal tank (photos attached) has housed only fish and anemones for several years, but I'd like to prepare it for a bimac. I have a Teco chiller ready to go, but not fired up yet. The tank is currently at 76 degrees, and I plan to slowly bring it down to the high 60s over the next few weeks (open to suggestions on optimal temperature).

Question: I currently have a couple of EcoTech Vortech propeller pumps for water movement -- but they are completely incompatible with an octopus. What would you recommend to produce water movement, that won't be dangerous for an octo?


That’s a good question? May have to research that one. Never used or needed that in my octopus tank. The only thing is if you want to add an external overflow and pump? You would get more turn over and more flow. I have that on one of my Fowler tanks. Thanks Tom

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