Hello from Oregon


Oct 12, 2023
Hello fellow ceph enthusiasts!
Ever since I was a kid, my favorite animals were always cephalopods, especially octopuses/octopi. I'm now a college student currently in Oregon. I'm waiting to graduate this June to get working on getting an octopus, a personal dream pet of mine. I've kept aquariums both freshwater and saltwater since I was in high school, currently keeping three tanks going. Was looking into getting either a bimac or a pygmy octopus. Thinking a 55 gal if I get a bimac, and a 32 gal if I get a pygmy. Any advice is welcome.
Welcome @GaiusNero! FWIW (note I'm not a tank owner), I think you may do yourself a favor by going for a 55g tank. A couple reasons: a) pygmies can be hard to come by / it can be hard to "choose" a specific species (beyond being tank-friendly), and as such, b) a 55 gallon will maximize your options for your first, and any future octos.

Another point (and as an exception to the difficulty in choosing a species), our resident supplier @Tomh can probably get you a bimac when you're ready (be sure to read our guidelines on this program). Thanks for joining our community! :octopus:

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