Hello People!!


Jan 20, 2024
Oxford MS
My name is Josh and I’m new to this ceph world. Had a freshwater tank a while back and am currently a multiple reptile owner. Dragons, Leopard Gecko, Pied veiled chameleon, and a pied banana baby ball python. Also a red foot tortoise, a Norwegian lionhead rabbit and dogs and cats 🤣🤣🤣. My next step is setting up a biocube 32 and getting my water right so I can go for a bimac or a wonderpus. Any information or ideas would be extremely appreciated. I’m mostly going to have to order everything online. There is only one LFS close to me and it is on the smaller end but, he does have some salt water stuff and is very knowledgeable.
Welcome @Jarsh4471, thanks for joining! A word of caution (well, two):

1) I understand a 32g biocube is NOT suitable for either a bimac or a wunderpus.

2) I am not a ceph expert (keeping or otherwise); I just run the site :heee:

Wunderpus in particular is considered an exotic pet, and therefore we try to relegate discussion about that species to our
Exotics and Rare Species forum (only accessible to members such as yourself (i.e., you have to be logged in), in order to keep search engines at bay, etc.).

More info about our guidance (created in collaboration with several world experts) can be found here:

Keep us posted on your project, and good luck with planning!

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