Dwarf octopuses

Jun 3, 2018
Hi everybody,
I’m new to TONMO... I’m not even sure if I’m writing this in the right spot :smile:
I’m wondering if anyone knows of an online store that is trustworthy and has dwarf octopuses in stock? I’m looking for octopuses around dwarf size... like joubini, bimaculatus, or briareus. I have a 32 gallon biocube and I’ve kept two pygmy octopuses, both from Saltybottomreef. None survived very long though and both came in poor packaging. (The first one came with almost no air inside and the second came with less than a tablespoon of water in the bag... it was out of the water, amazing that it even survived the journey.)
I am afraid the only dwarf octopus that you are likely to find will be O. mercatoris. O. bimaculatus and briareus are NOT dwarfs and would require a larger tank. Unfortunately, we have not seen many of the dwarfs in the last few years and I can be of no help finding and "in stock" animals. KPAquatics does have a waitlist for the mercs (O. mercatoris is often called, mistakenly, O. joubini) that you can sign up for on their website but availability is not likely to be soon.