Hello from SoCal

Apr 14, 2024
The briny depths
Hi! I’m a random teen/aspiring teuthologist going to high school in LA. Seeing two California two-spots in the wild (in the day!) was the best moment of my life. After lurking here for some time, I figured I would make an account so I could actively talk and learn about my biggest interest.
I’m not really sure what else to put in my introduction post, haha. Umm… I’ve always been interested in marine bio, but reading “The Soul of an Octopus” really got me into cephs. This was around six years ago! I like all cephalopods but have a particular soft spot for the Giant Pacific Octopus (I saw one at an aquarium, and it suddenly changed color and started walking around its tank!) I also enjoy literature featuring eldritch horrors. (You can never have too many tentacles/octoform arms/writhing flagella...) I once cooked a seafood soup and saved a couple squid arms in my freezer to study. They’re still in there!
I like everything about octopuses, but I’m really interested in how they perceive color. It’s crazy that an animal that matches its surroundings with such precision is technically color-blind. Maybe it is something in their skin. I’m fairly sure there was a study supporting this. And finally, I’m autistic, which definitely contributes to the fixation on octopuses. I never really get to talk about them at home or at school, so this site is great. :biggrin2:
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welcome to TONMO, @notthebees599! Here is a 3-page thread on cephalopod color and skin discoveries... if you find any additional studies, please add to the thread, or feel free to start your own. Glad you are here!


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