1. nixonverse


    Hi everybody!!! I'm Stella ::P I've been lurking on this forum for a while now and I figured I might as well make an account. I have a fascination with all aquatic life (always have!), but lately I've been really interested in cephalopods. It's nice to meet you all!!!!:talker::goldfish:
  2. N

    Hello from SoCal

    Hi! I’m a random teen/aspiring teuthologist going to high school in LA. Seeing two California two-spots in the wild (in the day!) was the best moment of my life. After lurking here for some time, I figured I would make an account so I could actively talk and learn about my biggest interest...
  3. DinosaursRoar


    My name is Dylan Hooton. :)
  4. Fychan

    Hello everyone!

    Hello!! :biggrin2: I'm an illustrator from Brazil soon moving to Toronto that has taken a lot of interest in marine animals in the past few years. I have no experience in keeping aquariums, but I've been lurking on Tonmo for over an year now and finally decided to register just so I could...
  5. octosass

    Hello there! Aspiring ceph researcher

    Hello ceph community! I'm Bridget and am currently an undergraduate researcher in Florida-in the past I assisted in some tortoise ecology and viper phylogenetics; now I'm working on fish population genetics. Besides this, I've been working as a coral farmer recently, so I've been slowly working...
  6. Norris

    Hello! Introduction, bimac availability, and East Pacific Red info...

    Hello Tonmo community, I received an email that recommended that I start a thread here to introduce myself. Ta da! Here I am. Great to be here. I'm new to this community, but not to octopus care. I actually raised a bimac when I was in high school in Portland, Oregon. It was a school-funded...
  7. sir_octopie

    Hello! :)

    Hello, fellow cephalopod lovers! I'm new here! C: (First of all, a humongous thank you to this website and community! It has been beyond helpful so far with my research. Hugs to all of you!:hugs:) I'm an animation student currently attending college. I'm based in the blazing city that might as...