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Redfield’s tank

Oct 29, 2008
I plan on buying one of the bimac octopus and this will be its new home. It’s a 80 gal tank that has been running for 4 years. I have kept lionfish, your typical reef tank and is currently home to seahorses (who will be re-homed to another tank when the octo shows up. It currently doesn’t have a lid, but I make tanks and have extra acrylic to build one. I have had saltwater system for over 15 years. We have kept everything from jellyfish to seahorses. It’s 65 degrees, we do a lot of water changes so nitrates are always low and we keep ph around 8. It has a kessil light that is automatic and you can set the desired spectrum. I have had the generic brown octopus before, but sitting in the dark for hours watch for the little guys to come grab a crab is no fun, this is the first time I have found a bimac up for sale. I’ll post vids and pics of all the fun stuff an octopus can do as we play.


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Has anyone kept a seahorse and octopus in the same tank. The seahorse won’t hurt the octopus and eat tiny mysis shrimp. I think if we’ll feed the octopus won’t try and eat the seahorse because he prefers crabs and shrimp. My concern is if the one spot will try and play with the seahorse and hurt it. I have only owned the jubellini octopus (I know I can’t spell), so I don't know how the bimac will act. Any one ever tried this or had success with tank mates? Urchants?
I plan on buying one of the bimac octopus and this will be its new home.
Cool, good luck! I'll coordinate with you via private message on the logistics to complete your shipment.
Has anyone kept a seahorse and octopus in the same tank.
Here are some older threads on the topic; general consensus seems to be "no" although I did see some posts where people were doing it successfully... of course, a post is just a snapshot in time :smile:
Great references @tonmo! @phycoinventer I encourage you to read the threads but the end result is a dead seahorse in less than a week. Here is one more reference that I would encourage you to review. The Posts with Info for New Octopus Keepers contains a nice set of discussions on dos and don'ts as well as a short writeup on each of the species we typically see in the trade (see Box of Chocolates). There is also a list of good and bad tank mates.
As an update to this thread, we did run out of bimac stock just before @phycoinventer placed his order -- we do frequently get new inventory so I expect we should have the storefront back up soon (next week/this month).
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