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  1. J

    Tank Setup Help

    Hello, I have just gotten into the aquarium hobby and am planning on getting a ~50 gallon tank for a bimac octopus. However, there's just so much information and different products, and I'm not sure what to get for the tank, especially in terms of filtration. I would appreciate any help that any...
  2. A

    Seeking octopus

    Hey! Been researching and collecting supplies for awhile now and I believe I'm finally ready to start my cephalopod adventure. Only problem is I cant find a bimac for sale! Everyone is sold out and links from a decade ago are no good. Anyone know where I could get one?
  3. agrearson

    Ceph art!

    I've always loved marine creatures and art, so here's my combination of the two :) Octopus bimaculoides Octopus chierchiae Metasepia pfefferi Sepioloidea lineolata
  4. Theitalyanstallion

    Two spotted Octopus (Bimac)

    Hello everyone! Was wondering where I can buy an actual Bimac? I’ve been looking around, but can’t find anything...any help would be appreciated! I live in Southern California. Thanks and hope everyone is doing okay during this rough time.
  5. D

    tank size for hatchlings?

    Hello! I'm working with Octopus bimaculoides and looking at trying to rear some fertilized eggs. I would like to raise them in different tanks than the adults are housed in for logistical reasons (mostly to prevent them from going into the filtration system, but also to better track their...
  6. R

    my new Bimac

    I am currently awaiting my new arrival. My tank is 75 gallon with 20 gallon sump. It has been running for 3 years with soft corals, small fish and 2 octopus at different time. Water temp is 69 degrees, nitrate 20ppm, Ph 8.2. Picture of tanks attached. The smaller 30 gallon tank next to the DT is...
  7. tonmo

    [Sold Out]: Two small bimacs

    FOR SALE: Two-spot octopus (O. bimaculoides) (currently available: 3 2 0) - $185 each; includes shipping (US only). (SOLD OUT) East Pacific Red Octopus (O. rubescens) (currently available: 2) - $215 each; includes shipping (US only). (SOLD OUT) Eligibility [IMPORTANT]: Prior to your...
  8. P

    Female bimac already laying eggs??

    I have not been able to keep up my journal bc of some unexpected surgeries in past couple months but back now. Got this guy in October and was doing great up until about 3 weeks ago it started staying in this skull and not eating. I have been successful feeding him/her live crabs a couple times...
  9. tonmo

    [Sold Out]: 1 bimac, 2 East Pacific Red Octopus for sale

    FOR SALE: East Pacific Red Octopus (O. rubescens) (currently available: 2) - $215 each; includes shipping (US only). (pic not available) Two-spot octopus (O. bimaculoides) (currently available: 1) - $185 each; includes shipping (US only). Pic: Eligibility [IMPORTANT]: Prior to your...
  10. dleo4590

    [Octopus]: Hank the Bimac

    This is me and my boyfriend's second Bimac and won't be our last. As stated in our Tank Talk post we accidentally acquired our first one from a wholesaler who mislabeled it as a Pacific Dwarf octopus but neither of us had ever owned one or knew of anyone that had kept a cephalopod before so we...
  11. Benjie

    Embryonic bimac photograph

    I don't know if you are aware of the Nikon "Small World" Award, but one of the entries this year features an embryonic O. bimaculoides - and is, indeed, a stunning beauty
  12. tonmo

    (updated 12/9): 3 bimacs for sale ($185 includes shipping; US only)

    FOR SALE: Two-spot octopus (O. bimaculoides) We currently have three [3] two-spot octopuses available for sale, at $185 each; includes shipping (US only). Small #1: [SOLD Nov 23rd] ~1.5 inch ML (mantle length) Small #2: see pic below [No longer available; Dec 9th] Medium: see pic below Large...
  13. P


    I have 125 gallon with wet/dry filter that I had a dwarf octo in that I transferred over to my 55 gal this past weekend. All holes have mesh around it Salinity-1.023 Ph about 8.0 Ammonia 0 Nitrate -0 Calcium 400’s Alk is about 9 Temp is at 69 but I ordered a fan that will be in...
  14. S


    Tank Specs: 200G + Sump UV filter Skimmer Custom plexiglass to fit all holes, completely octo proofed. Water testing from today: Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate <10 Calcium 380 Alk/kh 9 Phosphate <.2 Salinity 1.021 Temp right now is 78°F, however, if I am approved give me a few days before...
  15. S

    Can I use Sand Crabs (Sand Fleas) as food?

    I'm in the bay area and whenever I go Surf Fishing I use Sand Crabs (sometimes called Sand Fleas) for bait to catch Surf Perch and Striper. I was wondering if I could use these as food for Octopus as well. I haven't even started a tank but I was curious about my potential food possibilities if...
  16. Tomh

    Twin spot octopus

    Hi recently got a juvenile twin spot about 2 weeks ago. His mantle is about 1 1/2 -2 inches. I had him in a critter container until he ate frozen then released him to tank. His second in tank he is exhibiting some behavior I have never seen!! I have a rock partially buried in sand. He dug a hole...
  17. Visit to the NRCC (2002)

    Visit to the NRCC (2002)

    Two TONMO.com moderators met face to face in the autumn of 2002: Colin Dunlop traveled from Scotland to Texas to help Nancy King set up her saltwater aquarium and to accompany Nancy and her husband Bill to Galveston, where Colin and Nancy visited the National Research Center for Cephalopods...
  18. Ink's Story (O. bimaculoides)

    Ink's Story (O. bimaculoides)

    By Carol Sauer (corw314) Editor's Note: Carol created this article for Jersey Pets Magazine (Editor: Lisa A. Kelley). Lisa's Website can be visited at www.jerseypetsmagazine.com. The article is slated to be published in their Jan/Feb issue. Thanks to Jersey Pets Magazine for spreading the good...
  19. F

    Another post, still no answer

    Hey guys, so I've been searching for WEEKS without any luck as to how to get an octopus in Canada. Is there any Canadian stores that would special order them for me? I wanted bimacs initially but I heard they're rare in the hobby now so I'll be fine with anything (as long as it isn't an...
  20. F

    New Aquarium Build

    Hey everyone so I'm definitely not new to theaquarium hobbby but I have never owned a octopus before and I want to start off with a bimac. I managed to get a 75 gallon tank, with a stand online for 100$ (massive steal) but I have a few questions. It's hard to find any information if at all...