1. D

    Oscars first pictures

    Here is a 1 min video of my new octopus. I was hoping someone could help me id him. He is approx 6" long. So far, he is more active at night, but he moves around during the day too. Most of the the pictures are taken from the side of a 75 gal tank. He loves fiddler crabs.
  2. Nancy

    Bimacs living over two years

    A couple of weeks ago alexfevery mentioned very long lived bimacs at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, California. I thought this was worth following up and this is what I learned from the aquarist who takes care of their bimac and other sea creatures on exhibit. The current bimac (captured...
  3. tonmo

    New Video of Kashmir 'walking'

    In light of the recent passing of joefish84's bimac Kashmir, I've finally gotten around to compressing and posting an amazing video he provided of Kashmir showing the "walking" behavior which made a splash in the news earlier this year. To our knowledge this is the first video clip of a bimac...
  4. joefish84

    kash's last breaths

    well kash has irregular slow breathing and hes not going to make it but a few mor minutes i think:angelpus: :goodbye: (sniffle)
  5. joefish84

    new kashmir pic

    heres a good pic of kashmir got it on 7.1 mp so it kinda makes you want to poke him in the eye to see if its real. picture also looks better if you make it actual size in the window
  6. joefish84

    kashmir watching me play counterstrike

    heres some of kashmir trying to get my attention while i was on the computer. he likes to sit in the corner of the tank like this and watch me play counterstrike
  7. joefish84

    more kashmir pics

    more kashmir pics for yall
  8. joefish84

    kashmir trying to look big

    for some reason kashmir keeps trying to look alot bigger than he is normally his head is the size of a golf ball but here its about 2 times bigger
  9. joefish84

    more pictures of kashmir

    well heres more of kashmir
  10. joefish84

    kashmir eating a hermit

    well for fifteen minutes kashmir has been tackling a hermit the size of his head... with two arms in the shell holding on to the hermit its a waiting game to see when the hermit will let go... not sure whether the hermit has him or he has the hermit but hes been holding on for a while..!