1. S


    Tank Specs: 200G + Sump UV filter Skimmer Custom plexiglass to fit all holes, completely octo proofed. Water testing from today: Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate <10 Calcium 380 Alk/kh 9 Phosphate <.2 Salinity 1.021 Temp right now is 78°F, however, if I am approved give me a few days before...
  2. S

    Can I use Sand Crabs (Sand Fleas) as food?

    I'm in the bay area and whenever I go Surf Fishing I use Sand Crabs (sometimes called Sand Fleas) for bait to catch Surf Perch and Striper. I was wondering if I could use these as food for Octopus as well. I haven't even started a tank but I was curious about my potential food possibilities if...
  3. Tomh

    Twin spot octopus

    Hi recently got a juvenile twin spot about 2 weeks ago. His mantle is about 1 1/2 -2 inches. I had him in a critter container until he ate frozen then released him to tank. His second in tank he is exhibiting some behavior I have never seen!! I have a rock partially buried in sand. He dug a hole...
  4. Visit to the NRCC (2002)

    Visit to the NRCC (2002)

    Two moderators met face to face in the autumn of 2002: Colin Dunlop traveled from Scotland to Texas to help Nancy King set up her saltwater aquarium and to accompany Nancy and her husband Bill to Galveston, where Colin and Nancy visited the National Research Center for Cephalopods...
  5. Ink's Story (O. bimaculoides)

    Ink's Story (O. bimaculoides)

    By Carol Sauer (corw314) Editor's Note: Carol created this article for Jersey Pets Magazine (Editor: Lisa A. Kelley). Lisa's Website can be visited at The article is slated to be published in their Jan/Feb issue. Thanks to Jersey Pets Magazine for spreading the good...
  6. F

    Another post, still no answer

    Hey guys, so I've been searching for WEEKS without any luck as to how to get an octopus in Canada. Is there any Canadian stores that would special order them for me? I wanted bimacs initially but I heard they're rare in the hobby now so I'll be fine with anything (as long as it isn't an...
  7. F

    New Aquarium Build

    Hey everyone so I'm definitely not new to theaquarium hobbby but I have never owned a octopus before and I want to start off with a bimac. I managed to get a 75 gallon tank, with a stand online for 100$ (massive steal) but I have a few questions. It's hard to find any information if at all...
  8. Tomh

    [Octopus]: Intro Octomus Bimac

    Hi , here are pics of my new Bimac octopus named Octomus. Very active, eats well and very inquisitive. Thanks Tom
  9. Norris

    Hello! Introduction, bimac availability, and East Pacific Red info...

    Hello Tonmo community, I received an email that recommended that I start a thread here to introduce myself. Ta da! Here I am. Great to be here. I'm new to this community, but not to octopus care. I actually raised a bimac when I was in high school in Portland, Oregon. It was a school-funded...
  10. S

    Hi - I work with bimacs

    Hi, I'm a third year undergrad majoring in biology. I currently work raising octos in a lab studying the two-spot octopus (O. bimaculoides). I'm interested in a lot of different aspects of cephalopods including non-visual photo-reception, reflectin proteins, further classification of cephalopod...
  11. J

    Where can I buy a Bimac or Briareus?

    Hello Everyone, Just wondering if anyone knows where I can buy a Bimac or Briareus octopus. I live in Colorado, so I can't dive for one myself.
  12. A

    New bimac

    Hey, TONMO I know I haven't been posting lately, but I've still been keeping up to date. Recently I have obtained a new Bimac, I have officially named him Nemo :). I've had him for three months, he's in my new tank and so far everything has been great. He loves clams and likes crabs. I'll post...
  13. A

    My new strange bimac

    Well, after Hachi passed away I waited until my water parameters were perfect. Once it was back to normal I caught myself a small bimac. It didn't really hide or hunt for the first two weeks, I tried almost every dead food you could think of crab, shrimp, scallop and numerous fish, the only...
  14. brent&kitty420


    So I got a lil bimac today after the "long" task of acclimation he was just hanging out on top Id the rocks and I dangled a decorator crab above him . He did nothing , until the crab dropped to the rock. Almost instantly our new friend took this live decorator crab and started ripping him apart.
  15. octobot

    RIP Diego (bimac) - you were in great care under DWhatley - thanks D for sharing...

    RIP Diego (bimac) - you were in great care under DWhatley - thanks D for sharing... View the Facebook post here Be sure to "like" the TONMO Facebook page here.
  16. E

    What all can a 3-5" bimac eat?

    After about 5 months of research and tank prepping, I'm almost ready to order my little bimac! I'm planning on ordering one around 3" inches in size, what specifically should I have ready for him in terms of food?
  17. asid61

    Bimac breeding

    Do people only get fertile bimac eggs from wild-caught females, or have people kept multiple bimacs together?
  18. DWhatley

    Diego - O. bimaculoides

    I have always wanted to keep a bimac but did not have an available cold tank when Zyan raised his and have since dispensed with putting my hand in cold water. However, Joe-Ceph's post of the little male was just too tempting so we spent the weekend getting our small chiller back in working...
  19. SabrinaR

    Trinity O. bimaculoides

    I got my bimac from Joe-Ceph today! Thank you Conrad! He send some goodies too! A few sea stars and some snails... I have a COLD WATER TANK! Not just and octopus! YAY! Ok sorry I will calm down now. I am just thrilled with having him do this for me. Here are some pics...
  20. S

    Bimac Hatchlings

    Since I'm 3 days away from receiving my first bimac hatchlings I thought this was a good time to start journaling, both for my sake and for others who may be doing the same thing in the future. First, a brief synopsis of how this came to be: I became interested in octopus many years ago...