1. Joe-Ceph

    I have a wild caught baby bimac to give away

    I've got a wild caught baby bimac to give away to anyone who can convince me they know how to take care of it, and is willing to pay a shipping company to ship it from La Mesa, Ca (91942 (near San Diego)). I'm willing to pack it in a Styrofoam box, in a bag with oxygen, and drop it off at the...
  2. Sarah McAnulty

    Hatchling Bimacs looking for homes

    I'm a student at Boston University working on Bimacs for a senior thesis project. Two of my research animals laid eggs and I've been taking care of the hatchlings for about 2 weeks now. Our lab doesn't have the room or resources to take care of them, so I'm looking for homes for all 30 of...
  3. SabrinaR

    Junior the Bimac?? Maybe...

    So I got the bimac? in today. It was SUPER tiny so I decided to call him Junior. I have a few pics I will post later tonight. Unfortunately I have the worlds worst camera so they aren't very good, plus hes so small it was hard to get a good shot. Body wise he is about 1:2 or 1:3 mantel to arms...

    How far noth are bimacs found?

    North, I mean. Sorry for my neanderthal typing. :) Anyone have any specific range information? Do they venture up as far as San Francisco Bay area?
  5. J

    bimac markings

    hi all does any one know if bimacs hatch with their blue eye spots? and if not how long before they develope ? many thanks:smile:
  6. G

    Bimac for sale

    Hi all, I have a small two-spot octopus available to the right owner. I'll be moving house and so I have to start thinking about selling the little guy. I got him at a local pet store for 50 dollars.... It took me forever finding him in the first place so I can empathize with anyone on the hunt...
  7. S

    Mac my Bimac!

    Here is some video of my first octopus...Mac (could be Linki) :lol: as I am not 100% sure what he is I have had him now for about a week or so and he is doing very well. I find myself just sitting there watching him amazed at how smart he is. When I brought him home the store had him in a...
  8. H

    Why is it so hard to find a bimac?

    I have spent the last four months setting up/cycling what I have hoped would become a home for a bimac. During that time, I have incessantly scoured the web in search of a place to buy one of these magnificent creatures with little success. I have found plenty of mimics, octopus vulgaris, and...
  9. Tintenfisch

    Octopus bimaculoides holotype

    Hi guys, One of the type specimens I came across while visiting the Smithsonian was the holotype of Octopus bimaculoides. Although not as lively as many of the other pics we get here (though the last shot captured a stealthy escape-from-the-jar attempt), I thought some of you keepers (and...
  10. Joe-Ceph

    How can I tell if my Bimac eggs are fertile?

    About 8 1/2 weeks ago (around New Years Day) my wild caught bimac laid eggs. They are large eggs, about 3/4" long and maybe 3/16" wide at the fat end (which makes her bimaculoides, right?). The tank is cold, about 64 degrees, but it's been over eight weeks and the eggs look exactly the same as...
  11. tjohnson

    Bimac Availability

    The thread all seem to be out of date, does anyone have a source for baby bimacs, bimac eggs, or wild adult bimacs... Any divers able to harvest eggs? I know the perfect spot in San Diego... were Octopets got their wild caughts from, the lagoon is packed with octos, cause the babys only had...
  12. K

    Settin Up My First Bimac Tank. Opinions?

    Hey, i'm settin up my first bimac tank, and i've got a list of stuff. I'm tryin to get some opinions on if i'm gettin the right equipment. I've already got a 75 gallon tank and a canopy, here's the stuff i'm lookin at: a SeaClone 150 gallon skimmer an Eheim Professionel II Aquarium...
  13. Wild Bimac - Small - 2

    Wild Bimac - Small - 2

  14. Wild Bimac - Small - 1

    Wild Bimac - Small - 1

  15. Joe-Ceph

    I need advice to catch a bimac in San Diego

    I live in San Diego, and I want to catch my own bimac. Does anyone with knowledge and experience have some advice for me? I can SCUBA dive, freedive, or wade in tidepools. I even have a small boat, so I can get to whereever I need to be. I just don't know where that is. I've started looking...
  16. R

    Bimac look a like

    Is there a bimac look alike that has the blue dot but is nocturnal. My octo is about 4 weeks old. He has come out once or twice. other than grabbing food. Has not grown and is generally lame as a pet. It came from the Carribean that is all I know. Getting a picture would be hard due to...
  17. Mr. Octopus on the move

    Mr. Octopus on the move

    An action shot of Mr. Octopus (O. bimaculoides) walking through his yard below his den in his 75 gallon aquarium. Taken 04/19/2007 - 192 kb jpg.
  18. Mikewise

    "pygmy" bimac?

    I spoke to my contact at the LFS today who was checking with their wholesaler for a bimac. When we spoke early in the week he was quick to assume i was looking for a bimaculatus, so i spelled it out for him (B-I-M-A-C-U-L-O-I-D-E-S) and today told me that "that is a pygmy species... about 7...
  19. joefish84

    ok heres the pics of my new bimac

    here it is... so far made it through the night just fine as far as i can tell. the pics are a little fuzzy but you can still get an idea.
  20. D

    Maybe this video of Oscar is better

    He is another video of Oscar. He is eating a fiddler crab