Two spotted Octopus (Bimac)

Apr 24, 2020
San Diego
Hello everyone! Was wondering where I can buy an actual Bimac? I’ve been looking around, but can’t find anything...any help would be appreciated! I live in Southern California. Thanks and hope everyone is doing okay during this rough time.


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Thanks for joining TONMO! Do you have a tank that's cycled and ready to host? We were actually selling bimacs until the pandemic -- I'm not sure when we'll restart it. Check out the posts in this forum, and add it to your watch list so you can get notifications for new threads, or watch a thread to be notified of replies:
Sources for Cephalopods and Food

Once you do get set up with a tank and get it cycling, make a post in the tank talk section of the forum if you have any questions or just want to share cool photos with us!

For octopus availability, because you are in California, you may be able to call around to various fish stores in your area (once things open back up again) and see what they have in the way of octopuses or cephs. Some stores only get them occasionally, but you may be able to be put on a wait list for when they get a new one in stock. They may also be able to make recommendations as to where you might be able to find an octo near your area.

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