ID for small octopus (sold as a CRO)


May 17, 2023

I'm looking for an ID for this little octopus, or at least some clarification as to whether it's a CRO or not. We were told it was a CRO, although we were also told it was significantly bigger than it actually was upon arrival (we did not see it before it arrived to us). We had it for about 6 weeks until it was found dead in its tank, during which time it did not seem to grow at all. Given its size and lack of growth, we have doubts as to whether it was actually a Caribbean Reef Octopus or not. It also showed some behaviors that could've been consistent with senescence shortly before it died (decreased food intake, increased activity during the daytime). I have attached a video and two images of it on the day we received it, an image of it hiding in some live rock two days before it died, and an image of the dead octopus. Any help with IDing is greatly appreciated!

5-24-23 small octopus.jpg

5-24-23 small octopus thumb.jpg

7-4-23 small octopus.jpg

7-6-23 small octopus dead.jpg


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