Hello to everyone from Germany


Apr 1, 2021
Frankfurt am Main
Hello everyone,
my name is Sascha and I live in Germany. I have been keeping Blue Ring Octopusses for a long time now. Since those are, next to vulgaris, the only ones you can really get in Germany.
Now that I have found this site and also some facebook Groups, I am hoping in getting information, on getting some other species. For example O. mercatoris. Problem is, that none of the german importers know where to get them. Maybe someone here knows the exporters in the carribean who can find and export them to my importer. Would be awesome to get some help and maybe information on other small species like the mercatoris.
Looking forward to hear from some of you and read alot here.
welcome! Although not an exhaustive list of all our content, our mercatoris tag has gathered a good amount of content -- you can also try a Search for examples of others who have kept the species. Good luck!

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