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Getting an Octopus


Dec 24, 2023
I've been looking into getting an octopus and I've finally decided to give it a go. Before I do though I wanted to come on here and ask a few questions. One would be what is everyone feeding their octopus? I've been looking into it and I would like to primarily feed live food. I was thinking about trying to pick a live food and having them in a separate tank to breed and then feed to my octopus. Has anyone had any success in this? Also if this doesn't work out so well what frozen foods do you guys like to feed your octopus? My next question would be how do you have your tanks set up (I'd love to see pictures)? I know lots of live rock and PVC for hiding places, but just wondering what else is safe to add. My last question would be any suggestions for places to buy an octopus in the USA? I'm fairly open to the kind of octopus (as long as it's not a dwarf as I've read they don't live as long), just as long as it's young as I can get it and healthy. Thank you in advance!!
Welcome to TONMO, @strawhat98! A separate feeder tank is a good idea. Be sure to Search our forums for tons of info from experts and hobbyists. You can't over-research this project! Regarding tanks, I suggest browsing through the Tank Talk forum; there is a wealth of info posted, 20+ years and counting!
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