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Octopus Not Eating


Pygmy Octopus
May 10, 2020
Boston, Ma
Hello all,
I have a bimac octopus in a 55 gal, who hasn't eaten for a few days, as far as I can tell. I recently did a water change, but the nitrate levels are still a bit higher than I'd like them to be. My octopus has refused it's usual shrimp, and doesn't seem interested in food that I give it (thawed out frozen food). Does anyone know how I can try and get it to eat, and/or if the nitrate levels are contributing to it's lack of appetite?
They don’t always have to eat every day or two. Does he have crabs or snails he can hunt? Try different foods
I'm concerned because it was eating pretty consistently twice a day or so, and now it hasn't eaten for several days. I have some small hermit crabs and two peppermint shrimp that it could hunt in the tank.
Not sure how old, I've had it for about a month and it hasn't noticeably grown since then, so I think it's an adult. It's mantle is about 2 inches long
Is it male or female?
I you should do check the PH. Then make sure the skimmer is working right
I'm not sure how to tell, I'm not aware of any good methods to tell. Skimmer is working fine, and pH is 8.3
Look at the the third right arm. If it is carried around curled up and it looks different. Then you have a male. If it looks like all the other arms then it is female.
Try different food. Through in a live crab.

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