octopus care

  1. A

    [Octopus Eggs]: My Octopus just laid eggs

    I purchased my Brown Octopus from my LFS in August. About two weeks ago my Octopus stopped excepting food. I noticed yesterday that she was guarding her eggs. What can I feed the babies when they hatch?
  2. B

    Hello Everyone!

    This website has helped me so much in my octopus journey, so I made an account! I currently have a Caribbean dwarf octopus named Buddy who’s either O. mercatoris or O. Joubini I hear they get mixed up a lot. Also have a question for the community while I’m hear! Buddy used to be somewhat active...
  3. S

    Considering getting a bimac octopus as pet

    I am very interested in taking on a bimac as a pet. Before I make the decision, I would like some input from current or past bimac owners on what I will need to make caring for an octopus a successful experience. I have done some research, but I would find the advice of someone who has cared for...
  4. B

    New (used) Aquarium

    Hi, guys! Newbie here and currently in the research phase! My husband and I found a really cool used 55 gallon hexagon aquarium that was presumably used as a freshwater tank. The current owner does not know much about the tanks prior inhabitants. What products can I use to clean the tank of...
  5. J

    Octopus Not Eating

    Hello all, I have a bimac octopus in a 55 gal, who hasn't eaten for a few days, as far as I can tell. I recently did a water change, but the nitrate levels are still a bit higher than I'd like them to be. My octopus has refused it's usual shrimp, and doesn't seem interested in food that I give...
  6. J

    Live Food Parasites

    Hello all, I have a young bimac in a 55 gallon tank, and I had a question about live food. How concerned should I be about potential parasites on live food? Is there any real risk of transmission of parasites, or is it okay to get live food from some place like h-mart or a local seafood place?
  7. V

    [Octopus]: An Unexpected Visitor

    I was planning not to make an account here for around another year, but it seems like a certain hitchhiker had other plans. I got a new live rock for my 10 gallon reef aquarium today, and when I was placing the rock in, I saw something brown and squishy with arms with suckers, and it grabbed my...
  8. alphaceph

    Blue Ring Octopus Tank (Hapalochlaena)

    Bought two blue-ringed octopuses 2 days ago. I have 125 liter reef tank& Over-spec bubble magus curve A9 skimmer, live rock, BioGro bacteria supplement every week etc. Currently water quality is as follows: pH ~8,1, ammonia 0ppm, nitrite ~0,05-0,1 ppm (increased after introduction of octopuses)...