1. K

    Octopus circulatory system

    Hi! I do not promote this at ALL but I know it’s a practice done in Japan... so my Friday evening thought is why, when octopus arms are cut off (for food in Japan or eaten by another creature underwater), do octopus arms not bleed... I would love to know. I have been studying octopuses for a...
  2. S

    Can I use Sand Crabs (Sand Fleas) as food?

    I'm in the bay area and whenever I go Surf Fishing I use Sand Crabs (sometimes called Sand Fleas) for bait to catch Surf Perch and Striper. I was wondering if I could use these as food for Octopus as well. I haven't even started a tank but I was curious about my potential food possibilities if...
  3. AquariumDepot

    Starting the Holiday with Food -- They Want to E.A.T. ....... So Feed 'em

    Starting the Holiday with Food -- They Want to E.A.T. ....... So Feed 'em The All Time Saltwater Fish Food Favorite of most fish is copepods and amphipods. And we have a treat for them!! When You Buy 1000 Pods - we will give you an Extra 1000 Pods for FREE! Our Live Copepods are the Best...
  4. Masterofstuff124

    Breeding Food?

    So my plan is to buy Palaemonetes Vulgaris and Assorted saltwater Feeder Fish and nannochloropsis and Marine Rotifers all in the hopes that they will breed and be a steady source of food for my reefs and Cuttles(Sepia Bandensis) I will be purchasing all this from yes they...