1. M

    Where to buy food

    Where can I buy food for a dwarf octopus? Do I need to buy hermit crabs and other small animals specifically listed as being meant to feed an octopus or can I just buy the ones I see at Petco? I live in Michigan if that helps.
  2. J

    Octopus Not Eating

    Hello all, I have a bimac octopus in a 55 gal, who hasn't eaten for a few days, as far as I can tell. I recently did a water change, but the nitrate levels are still a bit higher than I'd like them to be. My octopus has refused it's usual shrimp, and doesn't seem interested in food that I give...
  3. K

    Octopussy: Cellular Lingerie

    Hello TONMO Community! I have endless praise for this page and the posts that keep it rolling, keeping me close to the sea and these glorious creatures from octopus-less-London! By way of introduction, I have just graduated with a Master’s in Biodesign from Central Saint Martins, UAL. I...
  4. K

    Octopus circulatory system

    Hi! I do not promote this at ALL but I know it’s a practice done in Japan... so my Friday evening thought is why, when octopus arms are cut off (for food in Japan or eaten by another creature underwater), do octopus arms not bleed... I would love to know. I have been studying octopuses for a...
  5. S

    Can I use Sand Crabs (Sand Fleas) as food?

    I'm in the bay area and whenever I go Surf Fishing I use Sand Crabs (sometimes called Sand Fleas) for bait to catch Surf Perch and Striper. I was wondering if I could use these as food for Octopus as well. I haven't even started a tank but I was curious about my potential food possibilities if...
  6. Masterofstuff124

    Breeding Food?

    So my plan is to buy Palaemonetes Vulgaris and Assorted saltwater Feeder Fish and nannochloropsis and Marine Rotifers all in the hopes that they will breed and be a steady source of food for my reefs and Cuttles(Sepia Bandensis) I will be purchasing all this from yes they...

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