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"You are both pretty weird, but You are weirder"
"There is ... PANDEMONIUM in your head!!"

TPOTH ... are you collecting all of my accusations in your signature? If I'd only known!! I've a few more .....
Tragically true... I have seen the sad little carcass (well, not so little) pickling on Steve's desk. He really did look good this morning. :cry:
I'm sorry to hear of your loss Steve...I got kind of attached even though I only looked on from afar....Were you able to track how many people checked in on Squidcam? Just curious. I am sure he was quite a celebrity!!!! Sure put a show on for the camera!!! RIP

Very sorry to hear about this, Steve. I'll miss that sinister fellow.

Might I suggest a commemorative video montage of ****head's life? Hovering, hovering, hovering, jetting, hovering, tearing a fish apart, hovering, hovering. All to the tune of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On."

RIP, ****head.

corw314 said:
...Were you able to track how many people checked in on Squidcam? Just curious.

Hiya Carol; as of a month ago (the last time I checked), he'd had ~ 111,000 views; when you look at the number of thread hits (currently ~6,900) for this particular thread it's pretty obvious that many people were dialling into squiddy directly (rather than through the thread); the stats identified most as originating in the US, then Canada, Australia .... with NZ near the bottom (so it wasn't me). You'd be working in that particular room and you'd be hearing the camera going whirrrrrr, whirrr, zoom, zoom, whirrrrrr constantly, so he was a popular little fellow.
I'm very sad to hear about the passing of Sh*thead. He/she was a pioneer of "reality TV" that, apparently, touched the lives of hundreds of devoted fans. Perhaps s/he should have been called "Truman." The record mentioned on the squidcam page of 120 days was broken, right? Were you able to determine Sh*thead's gender post-mortum? :sad:
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