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Some rather exciting things happening at this end; will know more in ~ 3 weeks.
Something terrible just happened .....

I accidently knocked the camera and couldn't quite figure out how it was placed before ....

Unfortunately the lower part of the tank (my expensive tanks!!!!) is scratched something shocking (the problem when working in confined spaces with lots of gear). At any rate, you can see the squid more often .... I slap myself for knocking the camera! Naughty me.


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Popped on tonight and holy cow!!

The little guys were "zinging" all over the place. They wouldn't stay still long enough for me to get a long look at them, let alone a photo.

Has anyone noticed them reacting to the camera movement before? For some reason, one of them slowed down and came close. It seemed to be "looking" at the camera. Do they react to the movement?
I've got to make some changes to the system, and to do it through some proper channels. One thing I'll have to do is lift the tank and place some black cloth beneath it (it is presently on polystyrene slabs, for obvious reasons, and the white of the tank base reflects a lot of light - hence the poor illumination (bright) at the tank bottom). The second is a good tank clean! The third is to rotate the tank so that we have no scratches in view (the back of the tank must be at the front). Then the camera must be moved properly, so that we can see this animal in focus (right now it is very blurred). It definitely hangs out around the bottom of the tank now - no doubt about it - so I have to adjust all settings to take this into consideration. Darn squid - inconvenient beasts to keep you know!

I really am sorry about the poor view right now, but it is something that we'll get sorted out over the next week (when I get some time).

I'd like to add one thing. The site has had near 500,000 visits since it started - something spectacular (lots of people have tuned in) - and a lot of these are through TONMO (I assume - I know a fantastic number of viewers are from the States), so I would ask you here that when you have finished viewing could you please return the settings to the bottom of the tank, and to low light (as in PLEASE reduce the magnification to the lowest level (right hand sliding bar), and turn OFF the little illumination icon (lets more light in to the camera)). It really does frustrate me when I check them out, only to find the magnification right up and the 'extra-light thing' on, and I stare at a screen of nothing. It will probably frighten a novice away.

That's one happy squid!!


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A face full of shrimp


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Did I miss it yet again??????????

I saw him!!! I'm sooooo excited!!! He looked like he was darting all over the place after all those shrimp. Kept looking eyeball to the camera!!! I called my son in....He thinks I'm nuts!!! :mrgreen:
Sorry Carol, I had an hour and seized the opportunity to collect them ... didn't notify anyone ... :oops: Now it's back to burying my head in thesis reviews .. :sad:
I put a tiny ~ 1-month-old friend in with him today. BIG gamble!!! Could be munched. The two had a 2-second standoff, and then big guy darted back to the bottom, little guy to the top.

So small (he's not actually - it's just the other one is so big (bigger than you'd think, looking through the camera - it's got gonad devloping)!! Can you find the little fella in the pic? Doesn't seem that long ago.


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