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Zebra Octopus For Sale In The Bay Area (a good thing?)

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cthulhu77;88420 said:
I love snakes more than I do people, and this one has always really burned my tailfeathers. The animals were sold out. They lost due to our greed. They are virtually extinct.

Is this o.k. with you? I doubt it.

spoken like a true brother...
Actually, you would be amazed at the power that the consumer has in deciding purchase issues on the importation level.

Talking to a fish importer yesterday, he bought a number of "zebra octopus", of which one survived shipment and was immediately taken by a local fish store.

This octopus has been ignored by the collectors before, because no one had an interest in them.

He placed a larger order, and the lfs wants as many as he can get.
Supply and demand has two sides and they massage each other. Once the mutual massaging gets going, if either side slows down, the other side continues in the hopes that the slowing side will pick up the pace.
The gate got opened on the 'zebras' and LFS want to jump on that gravy train and all sides are furiously massaging away (whoo hoo three metaphors!).

Greg, would you take a look at my questions about the Hog Island Boa?
What decision to take?

Namely the fact here is that this conversation is travelling between two threads at the same time.

I very rarely actually use my mod tools, but I think it is best if I link to the other thread about the ethics of keeping cephalopods and let it continue in just one place.

If this causes a problem, please email or PM me and perhaps we can split this thread or something?

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Ethical Considerations for Keeping Octopus in Captivity

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