1. dleo4590

    Wunderpus Photogenicus ?

    Just picked up this very small "Zebra octo" that one of our lfs had listed. Currently still acclimating but very beautiful and interesting so far. The reason I am posting in this forum is I think it's a Wunderpus based on the stripes running through the suckers unlike the Mimic that has a white...
  2. gjbarord

    Central Campus: Wunderful Wunderpuses!

    Hello Ceph Folks! This year, we had the opportunity to setup TWO new exhibits featuring the wunderpus, Wunderpus photogenicus. One exhibit was designed as a shallow water exhibit with rocky outcrops and live mangroves. The other was deeper, with more rock structure for habitat and large shells...
  3. Jules77

    New Wunderpus

    Hi everyone. New here I'm from the UK. Been after an Octopus for nearly 20 years. We have a few native species but they are protected so illegal to collect or trade. Even though ok for the food trade to kill thousands. So my only option was the aquarium trade. I would love a bimac or gpo. Been...
  4. Neogonodactylus

    New article on Wunderpus

    For those of you who read German, I have a new article coming out on Wunderpus photogenicus in issue #77 of Koralle. It includes what I consider to be some of my best - or at least unusual - photographs. If you can't access Koralle, an English version should appear in Coral Magazine in a...
  5. M

    Baby Wonderpus!!!!!!!!!

    Just arrived at the air port today, no ink in the bag. I wanted the smallest one I could get but he is tiny!!!
  6. Thales

    Wonderpus - Fontanelle

    After a bunch of discussion in this thread - http://www.tonmo.com/community/index.php?threads/6682/page-3 - here goes my wonderpus journal. Oh - here is a nice link to mimic/wonderpus id: http://ist-socrates.berkeley.edu/~chuffard/index_files/WunderMimic.htm Getting this occy was an...
  7. Phuntoon

    Zebra Octopus For Sale In The Bay Area (a good thing?)

    I went to Atlantis Aquarium to pick up some corals for my reef tank (I live less than 2 minutes away) and was just browsing........then I saw it! As amazed as I was to see this incredible species right in front of me, it breaks my heart to know how this story will most likely end. It will either...