1. davelin315

    Surprise! It's a Mimic!

    I have been attempting to get a Wunderpus that was listed as a Mimic but with a photo of a Wunderpus in the stocklist but a photo on FB of what I was guessing was a Mimic... confused yet? :) In any case, I reached out to @Thales for confirmation as I have never seen either one in person and he...
  2. Oakes_903

    Introducing myself and my new octo

    My name is Dylan and I finally was able to add a Mimic octo to my tank just a few days ago! Decided to name him Chris lol. Just today I picked up a few mega blocks for him to play with and I came across a baby bottle washing basket for him to crawl through and hang out in. Any tips in general...
  3. DWhatley


    The "mimic" octopus has sparked many discussions about ceph's ability/intent to mimic other animals for protection. I am starting this thread to collect articles about marine mimicry as a general topic for members interested in reading more on the subject. Anna DeLoach keeps a web blog on...
  4. Neogonodactylus

    I may not be who your think I am!

    Octopus vary in their ability and motivation to change species typical patterns and colors. This individual has assumed an unusual appearance. Can you still identify it? Roy
  5. Phuntoon

    Zebra Octopus For Sale In The Bay Area (a good thing?)

    I went to Atlantis Aquarium to pick up some corals for my reef tank (I live less than 2 minutes away) and was just browsing........then I saw it! As amazed as I was to see this incredible species right in front of me, it breaks my heart to know how this story will most likely end. It will either...
  6. B

    New member - mimic octopus - big mistake?

    Hi Im a relatively experianced marine fish keeper & enjoy the more unusual species, e.g. seahorses, eels etc. The other day I visited my lfs & saw the most stunning octopus - it was probably very silly of me as I know nothing about these creatures but I couldnt resist. I chatted to the owner...