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Marty - the Wonderpus


Blue Ring
Nov 8, 2012
Last week, my LFS got a wonderpus octopus in at a great price and I luckily had a tank that I could house him in. Before I figured out it was a wonderpus, my gf had already named it Marty (since it was labeled as a zebra octopus at the LFS). I initially acclimated him in a large critter cage, but once I saw him making attempts to explore, I released him into the display tank.

His mantle is around two inches and his longest arm is around 8 inches. His 3rd right arm was damaged so not sure if its a female or male. He is very active and constantly explores his tank. Thankfully he is not as nocturnal as my previous dwarf "bali" octopus. I hope I can get at least 1-3 months or more with Marty (fingers crossed).

Here are two feeding videos where I fed him live shrimp since that's what the LFS had him on. He is taking frozen shrimp off a stick now.