[Octopus]: Tiny abdopus (dwarf)


O. bimaculoides
Nov 8, 2012
I saw this octopus at my LFS and looked different than their normal dwarf Bali octopus. Seems to be in the abdopus family and am hoping he’s an a really small aculeatus, but after looking through a few threads, it could be the dwarf abdopus aculeatus look-alike. But he is quite 2-3x the size of the first dwarf bali octopus I had this year, so not sure if that is an indication of anything. He’s been very nocturnal so far since getting him Tuesday.

Left a live ghost shrimp in with him after the first day, but was surprisingly still alive after a couple of days. I saw him peeking out from his cave tonight with the lights on haha. But finally made an effort to stick feed him a freshly killed one tonight and he took it.

Not sure on name yet but he only has 6 arms!


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I tried feeding again tonight with a freshly killed ghost shrimp and the new abdopus so was not interested. The original feeder is still every bit alive in the tank. I’m going to try to source some fiddler crabs (I assume they’re less agile and easier to catch than shrimp?)

I was hoping to get a better photo than posting this one from when I first introduced the octopus to the new tank along with some additional rock, but have only caught glimpses of its mantle and eye during the day from a small hole in the rock.

This octopus reminds me of these precious journals octopus 1 and Octopus 2. Thoughts?


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He finally came out to say hi. Seems like he’s grown a bunch, so I guess he is a juvenile abdopus aculeatus? Video


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Video link

You can see it better in the video. But he has two tiny arms starting to grow back.

I love the pattern he was exhibiting just right now.


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He ended up passing today, so I guess I was wrong and this individual was actually the dwarf abdopus, which I guess makes sense with how nocturnal he was.

Only had him a short period of time but he was still very cool and different than the Bali dwarf, my zebra Marty, and my current bimac Hank.

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