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What are your favorite decorations for your cuttle tank?

I don't have my cephalopod yet but a few of my top corals that I enjoy include the Spider man Mushroom and the Rainbow Mushroom. I also really enjoy the color and look of my dragon breath algae. Especially in the blue light of my tank's nighttime setting it really has a cool two color fire like look to it.
I just checked them out, love how the rainbow mushroom looks.

Wondering if anyone has a suggestion for blocking the reflection in their tank or if they've had a problem with it. A friend of mine has gotten a cuttlefish and he constantly attacks his reflection, even ignoring food. I explored with my tank and there is definitely a strong reflection. Trying to figure out the best way to block it without blocking my view into the tank. I saw that I could put some plastic material along the bottom and silicone it in but I don't have any experience doing that. I was curious if anyone has dealt with that issue or has a creative solution.
Lighting can be changed to help with the reflection/mirror aspect.
Also I like a lot of macro algae in my tank with the cuttlefish as it gives them things to interact with. As well as some live rock. One of my current cuttle-kids loves his 'rock'. He is always on it at the highest point he can get. Its his choice spot. So they do have personalities as well as they do interact with the things you put in your tank.
I would avoid the silicone area as its very messy and I have had more trouble then luck when dealing with it.

Hope that helps.
I agree with @KD5054, messing with the lighting is often the most helpful with glare (but not always the most attractive solution) I have a semi-permanent piece of material draped over one curtainless window to minimize glare/reflection for taking octo pictures.

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