1. H4k1m

    [Cuttlefish]: Dwarf Cuttlefish Noob

    Hello everyone! I've been binge-reading everyone's posts here for the last few years so it feels great to finally make a post of my own. My name's Hakim, I'm a 16yo and I live in Indonesia. Cephalopods have always been my favorite group of animals since ever, but it was only until a few years...
  2. Aqua626

    Looking for Cuttlefish & Eggs

    Looking for some cuttlefish and cuttlefish eggs. Message me if you have any. Thank you.
  3. Hahmlet

    [Octopus]: Unidentified Flying Octopus & Baby Cuttlefish

    Hey guys~ I'm new here. I'm from Korea, but living in Singapore. I've always wanted to keep octopus and cuttlefish since I started fishkeeping 10 years ago. I quit the hobby for 2 years because 4 cats and a fish tank proved too much for my lower back. :biggrin2: Then I started reading up on...
  4. squishyandcurious

    Where to purchase cuttlefish in Australia? can we import? HELP?

    Hey all, I'm new here and so happy to have found this community. I'll cut to the chase, I've been invested in owning an octopus or cuttlefish for awhile now, Ive owned other marine creatures and done well. Problem being, I can't find anywhere that has stock of any kind, whatsoever. I'm not...
  5. K1ngW0rm

    Worms as cuttlefish food?

    I've been culturing grindal worms and microworms for my freshwater side of the hobby. I just recently learned that both species survive up to 12 hours in marine conditions and have been feeding them successfully to my mixed reef tank. My question is has anyone heard of any studies done with...
  6. K1ngW0rm

    50 gallon Low Boy suitable for S. bandensis?

    I'm planning on starting a small breeding colony of Sepia bandensis. I've begun cycling a 50 gallon Low Boy with a 20 gallon sump that I plan to load with macroalgae (another hobby of mine). However one of the care articles I read mentioned that bandensis prefer deep water tanks and seem more...
  7. SquidArcher

    How old should my s. bandensis be before i offer food?

    After lots of research for multiple years, I finally bi the bullet and got 14 s. bandensis eggs through the lfs that I work at. I am not sure when they will hatch, and I can't find any specific articles or pages that say how old they should be when offered food. I have found a source for live...
  8. Hands

    Hey all! from Israel

    Hey Im from israel, 27 years old, im an aquarium hobbyist for many years now, and lately developed interest in Octopuses and cephs in general. Im fascinated by the behavior and the unique intelligence of the octopus, although im not sure that raising him in captivity in "sealed tight lock...
  9. R

    Help needed with my Sepia Bandensis Dwarf Cuttlefish eggs

    Cuttlefish have been something I’ve always been fascinated with & have wanted for as long as I can remember. Over the years, I’ve tried to do as much research on them as possible. I’m mainly interested in Flamboyant (Metasepia pfefferi) & Dwarf (Sepia bandensis) but unfortunately there is still...
  10. KD5054

    Cuttlefish Raising- Looking for advice

    Hello all, I am currently working on trying to start up a cuttlefish breeding program for a small public aquarium in my hometown. I am quite familiar with cephalopods and cuttlefish but the raising new generations is a new hands on experience for me. I am excited none the less. Currently my...
  11. EricNYC

    Looking to buy Cuttle fish

    Hey everyone just joined the group as well as the hobby and I’m very excited to get my first batch of cuttle fish to join my family. I just purchased a 210 gallon tank and will need a couple weeks to get everything set up and balanced to where I feel ready and comfortable to take care of the...
  12. KD5054

    Public. Aquarium seeking cuttlefish adults

    Hi all, As some may know I work for a newly soon to be open aquarium in Spokane Wa by the name of Blue Zoo. I am at the moment raising some cuttlefish for the aquarium but unfortunately the stock that came in were only eggs and in poor conditions. I was only able to keep 2 while the majority...
  13. BeakoftheDeep

    Success: raising Sepia bandensis from the egg!

    Hi everyone! This is my first post, but I've been keeping juvenile Sepia bandensis (dwarf cuttlefish) for nearly 6 months now. I've finally found time to post about what I've learned in keeping them, and hopefully it will help others who are looking at cuttlefish care! I'm working on research...
  14. H

    Hi Guys - Flamboyant cuttlefish owner

    Hi all, Been a member of UR for a long time, now have a big reef and a cuttle tank. 3 adult flamboyants with now over 50 eggs and 1 hatchling. Joined the forum to ask for any advice on rearing babies and to see if anyone wanted some babies (i cannot keep 50 no matter how much i want to spend...
  15. S

    Source for cuttlefish in Singapore?

    Hello, I'm located in Singapore and interested in keeping cuttlefish, probably sepia bandensis (based on what I've read so far). I've reached out to a few local aquarium shops and so far none have carried any cuttlefish. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good source? - Mike
  16. M

    Cool Cuttlefish at The Montery Bay Aquarium

    I was at the Monterey Bay Aquarium a few Years ago, I sadly didn't get to see any of the deep sea cephalopods they have had in the tentacles exhibit. However I was able to film both Sepia bandensis and Metasepia pfefferi feeding, on a saltwater livebearer and shrimp respectively. I also did get...
  17. Col. Cuttlefish

    What are your favorite decorations for your cuttle tank?

    I am looking to decorate the tank and prepare it for some cuttlefish. What are your favorite caves, plants, and other decorations that you have used or seen in a tank?
  18. Col. Cuttlefish

    Culturing Cuttlefish!

    Hello all I am working in a lab and we have decided that it would be beneficial to culture cuttlefish. I have been given the responsibility of caring for them and maintaining the tank. We have a consultant coming in to set up the tank so that issue is taken care of, however any tips on caring...
  19. ailuropalescent

    Technical Report of My Cuttlefish Husbandry Experience

    Hello internet! I'm a student at The Evergreen State College and I had the unique experience to study the husbandry of dwarf cuttlefish for college credit! I wrote a 14 page long technical report about my aquarium setup, my feeding tanks, water quality and basically my entire experience that...
  20. KD5054

    [Octopus]: Ripley - Abdopus sp My 'cephalopodic' journey-a beginner's progressive notes

    Being new to the saltwater side of the hobby I thought it would be great to post as I make way along to not only learning about keeping a marine tank but the steps as I work my way to finally owning my own cephalopod in the future. This will helpfully also be able for me to get tips from...