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Help! Is my baby cuttlefish in trouble, or just shy?

Apr 26, 2017
Olympia, WA
Hello fellow ceph enthusiasts!

I recently (Friday) acquired 2 baby dwarf cuttlefish, and at first was worried that they weren't eating, but then today I was able to watch the larger one (that I call Varamyr) attack and eat a few small amphipods.

The other one, however (that I call Chromia) is slightly smaller, maybe a little younger, and much more subdued. Every time I see it, it's huddled in a corner of the breeder box I have in my tank, and I've not seen it doing much besides that and scuttle away from other organisms when they get close. Once, though, I did see it strike at a little crab in there (I first put it in there as a potential food item, but then realised it was too big and just left it in for their stimulation) - I don't think it was to eat it, more likely just to get it away. Also, Chromia's resting default colour is almost a pure white, whereas Varamyr's is a more normal-seeming mottled brown.

So - is Chromia having a rough time, or does it just not want my big ugly mug watching it while it eats?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Cuttle 1.jpg

This is the both of them on the first or second day. Notice Chromia huddled in a corner of piping, that's its favourite spot.

Cuttle 2.jpg

Varamyr with a mouthful of amphipod.

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