1. X

    What do i do to to get my baby bimac to play with me?

    Hello yall. I have a baby bimac or Octopus bimaculoides. I know it isnt a bimaculatus because of the shape of its ring. Hes still pretty small with only a 1.5 inch mantle. I know bimacs are naturally active at night, but ive seen people playing with theirs with toys and not during the day. How...
  2. Olive.jpg


    Baby East Pacific Red Octopus (Octopus rubescens)
  3. Olive (three spikes below eye).jpg

    Olive (three spikes below eye).jpg

    Previously misidentified as a bimac, but now I'm thinking this is an East Pacific Red (Octopus rubescens) juvenile. Note the three "spikes" below the eye...
  4. (video) Olive the octo.MOV

    (video) Olive the octo.MOV

    Baby two-spot octopus ("bimac")
  5. dleo4590

    [Octopus]: Baby CROs!

    Good Evening All, Just wanted to post our two new tiny Caribbean Reef Octopus we received today. We literally just got done with introducing them to their new enclosure until they're big enough to go into their new environment. They're maybe 3"-4" from tip to tip. These are the smallest octos...
  6. H

    Looking for snails for some Octo babies

    Hey! I’m relatively new to cephalopod care but currently, have an octopus who laid eggs. She has been sitting on them for about a month and I finally saw an eye spot today. So, I have found a source for amphipods and copepods online but am looking for some snails. I have a friend who...
  7. Giant Pacific Octopus eggs hatching, baby octopus

    Giant Pacific Octopus eggs hatching, baby octopus

    Filmed on Vancouver Island
  8. ailuropalescent

    Help! Is my baby cuttlefish in trouble, or just shy?

    Hello fellow ceph enthusiasts! I recently (Friday) acquired 2 baby dwarf cuttlefish, and at first was worried that they weren't eating, but then today I was able to watch the larger one (that I call Varamyr) attack and eat a few small amphipods. The other one, however (that I call Chromia) is...
  9. M

    Baby Wonderpus!!!!!!!!!

    Just arrived at the air port today, no ink in the bag. I wanted the smallest one I could get but he is tiny!!!