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My four cuttles

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So sometime back I had an opportunity. I got a hold of some big fin reef squid eggs. The person/place I bought them from was understanding of how experimental it was so I was also sent cuttlefish eggs for free. Just so I could have something that would live. Well... the squid eggs turned out to be duds. Most of the cuttlefish eggs hatched, not all though. On top of that there was an issue with food. My first order of mysis came in dead. So I ended up waiting for more. After this entire adventure I now have four cuttlefish that seem to be doing very well. The aquarium they are in (a 55) is pretty infested with amphipods. So that has become the food source... Thankfully. I have them in a collection container that has holes drilled in it for now. Once they get a little bigger they will be allowed out.
My bimac whos name was Snips. Died today so I am now going to get another octopus. I had her for around six months so it was a good run. I am going to be ordering an O. Mercatoris for a small tank I have in my bedroom. So that will be my new octopus.

This is my little update.


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They look good! I'm glad they survived the mysid die-off.

One thing I have had success with in the past with bandensis babies is to give them some fake coral or vertical space that they can hide in. I have had a lot of success using this piece specifically:

They can hide in and amongst the branches and seem more comfortable than being in the open. Adult bandensis will also lay eggs in this piece, even if they are a bit difficult to remove.

How old are the hatchlings?
Hatching times varied, so I could not tell you the ages. Technically if the first one that hatched lived then that one would be a little over a month old. I am not sure if it lived though. The others that hatched did so over the course of I don't know how many days.
As far as vertical space goes they will have rock in the main tank area. I decided I want to do a lot of macro algae. I have dragons breath and caulerpa in my nano. If they grow enough to trim and move to the cuttle tank that would be cool.
Here is the nano.


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Got some tank work done. The intake and output are on the other end now. I replaced my protein skimmer as well. I have changed out the substrate. I removed about half of the bottoms worth of substrate and have replaced it with a fine sand. Its cloudy in the picture.
After about a week I will do the other side.
I had the tank like cruellas hair. Half the tank was dark and the other lighter. Though it was not perfect. I put on a light bar that has a 24 hour cycle. I can set it to all red at night for observation. I removed most of my corals but have left the bulbs for them above. I want to do a lot of macro algae. I got some dragons breath that is in my nano. So hopefully as it grows out I can place some in this tank.


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I went ahead and swapped out the rest of the substrate. I also moved the tank and have it coming out from the wall. Almost a Peninsula.
I took a blade to the backing and now have a good view. Some of the stand is wrapped to appease the ol lady. I did not inform her of the move. ( bad Timmy) She actually did not seem to mind though. (Yay me!) Here are some pictures to show off.
I also have nano tank ready.


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It is almost like it said "screw it!" and just tackled.


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I am calling pose the elephant.


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I have let the four cuttlefish out of their container and into a small area that has been partitioned off.
Hopefully by putting pellet food in their side the amphipods that inhabit my tank will make their way over and get preyed upon.


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