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Where to purchase cuttlefish in Australia? can we import? HELP?

Feb 1, 2023
Townsville, Queensland, Australia
Hey all, I'm new here and so happy to have found this community. I'll cut to the chase, I've been invested in owning an octopus or cuttlefish for awhile now, Ive owned other marine creatures and done well. Problem being, I can't find anywhere that has stock of any kind, whatsoever. I'm not particularly fussed over which particular flavour of cuttlefish it is.
I don't believe we are able to import marine animals at all here, I dunno I remember hearing something about that?
Could anybody help, pretty please? <3
I'm in the US so take this research with a grain of salt but it looks like you will need a permit and an inspection to import any fish into AUS

I'm not aware of any AUS-based cephalopod vendors but maybe someone else who is based in AUS can provide more info. I think your best bet is to try and source the animals locally if possible. Maybe call local fish stores and see if they ever get any cephs in stock.

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