1. Iochroma

    NHK World program on squid aquaculture

    I thought some here might be interested in this brief show on the Japanese national channel NHK; it is in English on NHK World and available here: https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/ondemand/video/2105049/ It profiles researcher Nakajima Ryuta who was actually an artist first (made some squid...
  2. squishyandcurious

    Where to purchase cuttlefish in Australia? can we import? HELP?

    Hey all, I'm new here and so happy to have found this community. I'll cut to the chase, I've been invested in owning an octopus or cuttlefish for awhile now, Ive owned other marine creatures and done well. Problem being, I can't find anywhere that has stock of any kind, whatsoever. I'm not...
  3. The world of Colossal Squids

    The world of Colossal Squids

    I've done my best research on the internet about these special colossal squids and made this video that teaches you everything you need to know about them (in a fun way!); contains my own animated illustrations as well as clips and images of these wonderful creatures.
  4. TheSquidLord56

    Unknown Squid from 2004. Any new info since then?

    Hello all! I was prompted to try and ID this squid from a reddit thread on r/squid. This is a photo of the squid that was taken by NOAA in Operation Deep Scope back in 2004. I have seen the image circulate the web over the years, but I don't know if anyone has been able to identify it since...
  5. TheSquidLord56

    Glowing Squid found in Puerto Azov, Russia

    Hello everyone! I was scrolling through Instagram when the #squid pulled up this interesting post: In the video is what is supposedly a squid on the surface of the water that is glowing blue, then dives beneath the surface. It was apparently filmed on Jan 9th, 2020 in Puerto Azov, Russia. I...
  6. Dr. Steve O'Shea Interview

    Dr. Steve O'Shea Interview

    What follows is TONMO.com's exclusive interview conducted 5/10/02 with marine biologist Dr. Steve O'Shea. Subsequent to this, for several years, Dr. O'Shea was a member of the TONMO.com Staff. TONMO.com: How did you get into this field? Steve O'Shea: By a series of complete accidents. My first...
  7. Vampyroteuthis Infernalis, Living Fossil

    Vampyroteuthis Infernalis, Living Fossil

    Note: Phil welcomes discussion on this article in the Cephalopod Fossils forum. Vampyroteuthis infernalis One of the most interesting, popular, and intriguing of all living cephalopods is that of Vampyroteuthis, the Vampire Squid. To follow is a brief look at this 'living fossil', its...
  8. intrancewetrust's video

    intrancewetrust's video

    For the thread, "Accidental Squid Keeper" - https://www.tonmo.com/threads/accidental-squid-keeper.24399/
  9. Humboldt Squid Beak

    Humboldt Squid Beak

    So, a few years ago a fisherman contacted me and wanted me to have this huge Humboldt beak from a very large one he had harvested on his squid boat. He also sent round toothed sucker rings.
  10. M

    Cool Cuttlefish at The Montery Bay Aquarium

    I was at the Monterey Bay Aquarium a few Years ago, I sadly didn't get to see any of the deep sea cephalopods they have had in the tentacles exhibit. However I was able to film both Sepia bandensis and Metasepia pfefferi feeding, on a saltwater livebearer and shrimp respectively. I also did get...
  11. John Reichard

    Anyone want baby Caribbean Reef Squid?

    Hi everyone, this week i found some deserted baby reef squid less than an inch long. They had gotten washed up in a puddle at New Port Cove Marina and where going to die if i did nothing so I let 3/4 of them go and have now 6 of them in a 30 gallon tank I'm selling 3 of them any one want some...
  12. gjbarord

    SQUID ID - 200 meters in Vanuatu

    Hi Everyone, I am, hopefully, attaching a short video clip of a squid we recorded on deep water video in Vanuatu at about 200 meters. Anyone know the species of this particular specimen? Thanks! Greg
  13. N

    Baby squid care

    So one of the local wholesalers managed to get their hands on a batch of squid eggs of a currently unknown species. My LFS bought some and I'll be going in tomorrow to check them out and offer the owner any advice I can. I'm familiar with keeping octopuses, having kept several, and have done...
  14. S

    Cuttlefish X mating with Squid?

    I was filming the Giant Australian Cuttlefish in South Australia yesterday and came across this interesting animal behaviour. It seems as through the squid is trying to mate with the cuttlefish!? I am very interested in hearing anyones interpretations of this behaviour and help explain what's...
  15. Bronze giant squid sculpture

    Bronze giant squid sculpture

    'Legend' $16,500.00 USD Ships from San Francisco worldwide. Limited edition bronze of 20 - Year released - 2012 Bronze giant squid sculpture dimensions: 42" H X 28" W X 25" D
  16. S

    Cephs/diving in China/Hong Kong/Taiwan

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any interesting studies being done on cephalopods (especially octopuses) in China/Hon Kong/Taiwan. Or any interesting species near there? Any ceph scientists studying cephalopods near there? There are a lot of grants etc. for work in China that I was hoping I...