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Baby squid care


Pygmy Octopus
Dec 20, 2008
So one of the local wholesalers managed to get their hands on a batch of squid eggs of a currently unknown species. My LFS bought some and I'll be going in tomorrow to check them out and offer the owner any advice I can.

I'm familiar with keeping octopuses, having kept several, and have done my reading on cuttlefish but I know little about keeping squid in a home aquarium, let alone hatchlings and juveniles. Does anyone have experience with this? What sort of foods should we try to provide and if it's hard to source does anyone have advice on where to procure it? I'm assuming at this stage they are going to be planktonic feeders but being squids I don't know how to target feed or if that's even possible.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Most squid are pelagic from birth and like small egg octopuses, they die in the aquarium within days/hours (some pygmy squid and the benthic bobtail squids are known exceptions). Unlike octopuses, most stay pelagic and will not survive in a home aquarium (and only a few in very large sea water public aquariums) even as adults.

My two attempts with Caribbean eggs were failures so I can't offer good advice but here is a link to my journal
We've had very little success with squid eggs. One thing I do know is to keep the tank dirty!!! Newly hatched squid seem to absorb some nutrients through the skin, so don't clean the tank too much! Square tanks are an issue as well. Round tanks are much better. The straight sided tanks seem to kill fast! Also be aware that many plastics leach chemicals into the tank and kill the young squid too. And live food all the way, as big as the juveniles or even a little bigger. Good luck, someone has to crack this problem!
I would assume they mean the entire sac, having included the picture of a whole sac. But also my guess is that the picture is simply borrowed from google :roll:.
Honestly though, who knows. The people who run the site probably don't have a clue about cephs.


edit: I confirmed the picture was taken off google :banghead:

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