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Public. Aquarium seeking cuttlefish adults


Feb 22, 2017
Hi all,
As some may know I work for a newly soon to be open aquarium in Spokane Wa by the name of Blue Zoo.
I am at the moment raising some cuttlefish for the aquarium but unfortunately the stock that came in were only eggs and in poor conditions. I was only able to keep 2 while the majority of the rest of the eggs seemed unfertilized. The few that hatched early didn't fair well.
That's the story. I'm reaching out to see if there is anyone who had cuttlefish up that the aquarium can have as well as to help me get a breeding program going for this aquarium.
Thank you so much.
Hi @KD5054 -- I'm sorry we've missed this post for so long! What is the current situation? I'm happy to help broaden the search if you're still in need.
I totally understand and appreciate you getting back to me.
The current situation run down: I work for the new aquarium that just opened up last week by the name of Blue Zoo as mentioned.

We had ordered some cuttlefish eggs through a distributor but the 20 eggs they sent us were for the majority non-fertile. About 90% of the eggs that we received were shrunken and as far as I could tell not fertile. A few others hatched on transit and as often goes they did not fair well and simply perished much to my sadness.

I currently have 2 hatchlings (dwarf species) that I am raising and are doing very well. But we are looking for more.

Part of the trouble we are facing is the hatchlings are too small to be put into their display tank. Which is up and ready. So as you can imagine we are trying to find ones to put on display.
If at all possible we are hoping to find young juveniles to put onto display and or eggs (which we can continue to raise as I am working towards building a breeding program for the aquarium. Excited to be placed in charge of over seeing this).

We are also on the lookout for an octopus that could use a home as we have a large tank that is ready for an octopus as well. We were hoping for a GPO but have not yet been able to obtain one. We have a state permit to display one in our aquarium.

Reaching out to our fellow ceph fans for aid!

Thank you for the help!
I know it would be just awful if you had to officially visit Kanaloa to pickout an octo and learn about the sustainability project (for the aquarium info section on the tank) they are attempting :wink:

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