1. Octopus Las Perlas 1 RLC.jpg

    Octopus Las Perlas 1 RLC.jpg

    Dwarf male octopus from Las Perlas Panama
  2. Lindsay

    What am I doing wrong?!

    4 years ago I had researched the care and keeping of Octopuses (specifically the bimac) and prepped a 54 gallon corner tank. After months of waiting for a bimac, I realized I wouldn't be able to get one and settled for the only available non-dwarf species, the exotic wonderpus. I thought it...
  3. D

    Hello I am new around here

    So I hello every one. I am new around here. I have joined in hope of getting help Identifying this Octopus. It appears to be a Dwarf Species. Mantle length of maybe 1.5 in. TL about 6-7 in. Nocturnal. Originally thought it to be a Merc. But it is from the Pacific. Thought Degueti. But...
  4. OctoSF

    Indonesian Dwarf

    Just wanted to get a quick post up to get some advice. They hatched yesterday afternoon. I will add more when I have time.
  5. BeakoftheDeep

    Success: raising Sepia bandensis from the egg!

    Hi everyone! This is my first post, but I've been keeping juvenile Sepia bandensis (dwarf cuttlefish) for nearly 6 months now. I've finally found time to post about what I've learned in keeping them, and hopefully it will help others who are looking at cuttlefish care! I'm working on research...
  6. Col. Cuttlefish

    What are your favorite decorations for your cuttle tank?

    I am looking to decorate the tank and prepare it for some cuttlefish. What are your favorite caves, plants, and other decorations that you have used or seen in a tank?
  7. Col. Cuttlefish

    Culturing Cuttlefish!

    Hello all I am working in a lab and we have decided that it would be beneficial to culture cuttlefish. I have been given the responsibility of caring for them and maintaining the tank. We have a consultant coming in to set up the tank so that issue is taken care of, however any tips on caring...
  8. DeepBlueWonders

    Cuttlefish Eggs: What to do?

    Hey guys, I just order dwarf cuttle eggs from NY Aquatics. They came in today! I am very excited! The eggs are all in a bundle (probably 15 eggs?) with a few shriveled up eggs. Should I leave the eggs in this bundle? Or seperate them into seperate eggs? Also, should I remove all the shriveled eggs?
  9. sedna

    dwarf octo w/ white eye "caps"

    Which dwarf octo has little white "caps" on it's eyes? Smooth, red, nocturnal- LFS doesn't know where it's from (You don't even know what OCEAN it's from???) doesn't sit with inverted arms like a merc, way too small for a joubini.