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Cuttlefish Eggs: What to do?

Apr 2, 2010
Hey guys, I just order dwarf cuttle eggs from NY Aquatics. They came in today! I am very excited! The eggs are all in a bundle (probably 15 eggs?) with a few shriveled up eggs. Should I leave the eggs in this bundle? Or seperate them into seperate eggs? Also, should I remove all the shriveled eggs?

This is a quick picture of the bundle of eggs in a net breeder.

Any helpful advice and tips are gladly welcomed.


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If they are already hatched, they are not going to hurt the water quality. If they are dead, they might, but you have to be careful not to damage the other eggs/embryos. I would still just leave them be, in the wild, they hatch like that and often there are multiple animals depositing eggs, so the babies hatch at different times.

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