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  1. KD5054

    Cuttlefish Raising- Looking for advice

    Hello all, I am currently working on trying to start up a cuttlefish breeding program for a small public aquarium in my hometown. I am quite familiar with cephalopods and cuttlefish but the raising new generations is a new hands on experience for me. I am excited none the less. Currently my...
  2. Bigeye octopus eggs closeup.jpg

    Bigeye octopus eggs closeup.jpg

    Closeups of newly laid eggs by the deep-sea bigeye octopus, "Octopus californicus"
  3. D

    tank size for hatchlings?

    Hello! I'm working with Octopus bimaculoides and looking at trying to rear some fertilized eggs. I would like to raise them in different tanks than the adults are housed in for logistical reasons (mostly to prevent them from going into the filtration system, but also to better track their...
  4. P

    Female bimac already laying eggs??

    I have not been able to keep up my journal bc of some unexpected surgeries in past couple months but back now. Got this guy in October and was doing great up until about 3 weeks ago it started staying in this skull and not eating. I have been successful feeding him/her live crabs a couple times...
  5. H lunulata embryo response to vibration.mov

    H lunulata embryo response to vibration.mov

  6. H lunulata hatching 1.mov

    H lunulata hatching 1.mov

    Blue-ringed octopus paralarva hatching.
  7. Cephalotodd

    My octopus laid eggs... and they just hatched! What do I do?!

    Hi All - I have a warm water indo-pacific octopus (that's all the LFS was able to tell me about species). About a week after I got it it disappeared into the back of the tank where it laid eggs. From everything I read, I was pretty bummed as I figured it was just going to wither away and die...
  8. OctoSF

    Indonesian Dwarf

    Just wanted to get a quick post up to get some advice. They hatched yesterday afternoon. I will add more when I have time.
  9. First records of egg masses of Nototodarus gouldi (McCoy, 1888)

    First records of egg masses of Nototodarus gouldi (McCoy, 1888)

    (Mollusca: Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae) with comments on egg-mass susceptibility to damage by fisheries trawl New Zealand Journal of Zoology, 2004, Vol. 31: 161–166 0301–4223/04/3102–0161 © The Royal Society of New Zealand 2004 Z03030; Online publication date 12 May 2004 Received 24 July 2003...
  10. BeakoftheDeep

    Success: raising Sepia bandensis from the egg!

    Hi everyone! This is my first post, but I've been keeping juvenile Sepia bandensis (dwarf cuttlefish) for nearly 6 months now. I've finally found time to post about what I've learned in keeping them, and hopefully it will help others who are looking at cuttlefish care! I'm working on research...
  11. H

    Looking for snails for some Octo babies

    Hey! I’m relatively new to cephalopod care but currently, have an octopus who laid eggs. She has been sitting on them for about a month and I finally saw an eye spot today. So, I have found a source for amphipods and copepods online but am looking for some snails. I have a friend who...
  12. H

    Hi Guys - Flamboyant cuttlefish owner

    Hi all, Been a member of UR for a long time, now have a big reef and a cuttle tank. 3 adult flamboyants with now over 50 eggs and 1 hatchling. Joined the forum to ask for any advice on rearing babies and to see if anyone wanted some babies (i cannot keep 50 no matter how much i want to spend...
  13. B

    Embryo of big octopus or squid?

    Hi! Several divers saw this almost round transparent sack floating 1 m above a reef at Weather Islands (väderöarna) north of Gothenburg Sweden 11 july 2018. Depth 8 m. 14 deg in water. The dots seemed to be on the surface and there is a grey area in the middle. Noone saw any attachment. Diameter...
  14. Giant Pacific Octopus eggs hatching, baby octopus

    Giant Pacific Octopus eggs hatching, baby octopus

    Filmed on Vancouver Island
  15. Toshi exotic aquaculture

    Octopus eggs

    Hi all, Our octopus layed some eggs. Not sure if they should be on the bottom of the tank. Also we have a anthias in the tank too. Should I remove it? Any ideas will be appreciated Toshi
  16. Butler's octopus hatchling

    Butler's octopus hatchling

    See Butler's thread here: https://www.tonmo.com/threads/octopus-eggs.24190/
  17. Butler-o.briareus-eggs.MOV


    Butler's thread: https://www.tonmo.com/threads/octopus-eggs.24190/#post-205990
  18. mother with octopus eggs

    mother with octopus eggs

    @[7985:@butler]'s octopus eggs
  19. Connor Gibbons

    O. hummelincki eggs

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting so I'll give a quick introduction as well. I am an aquarist at a local AZA aquarium in New Jersey. I've had a deep passion for cephalopods as far back as my memory goes and I've been fortunate enough to care for some of the cephs we house at our...
  20. Fishgeek1979

    [Cuttlefish Eggs]: Officinalis Eggs Found in Garden

    Thought I would introduce myself and why I joined today. I live on South Coast of the UK and been a aquarium keeper for about 25 years, I currently have a 900l reef tank and I am completely obsessed with this hobby and particularly attracted to anything odd ball or unusual. I live right on the...