1. B

    Embryo of big octopus or squid?

    Hi! Several divers saw this almost round transparent sack floating 1 m above a reef at Weather Islands (väderöarna) north of Gothenburg Sweden 11 july 2018. Depth 8 m. 14 deg in water. The dots seemed to be on the surface and there is a grey area in the middle. Noone saw any attachment. Diameter...
  2. Giant Pacific Octopus eggs hatching, baby octopus

    Giant Pacific Octopus eggs hatching, baby octopus

    Filmed on Vancouver Island
  3. Toshi exotic aquaculture

    Octopus eggs

    Hi all, Our octopus layed some eggs. Not sure if they should be on the bottom of the tank. Also we have a anthias in the tank too. Should I remove it? Any ideas will be appreciated Toshi
  4. Butler's octopus hatchling

    Butler's octopus hatchling

    See Butler's thread here:
  5. Butler-o.briareus-eggs.MOV


    Butler's thread:
  6. mother with octopus eggs

    mother with octopus eggs

    @butler's octopus eggs
  7. Connor Gibbons

    O. hummelincki eggs

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting so I'll give a quick introduction as well. I am an aquarist at a local AZA aquarium in New Jersey. I've had a deep passion for cephalopods as far back as my memory goes and I've been fortunate enough to care for some of the cephs we house at our...
  8. Fishgeek1979

    [Cuttlefish Eggs]: Officinalis Eggs Found in Garden

    Thought I would introduce myself and why I joined today. I live on South Coast of the UK and been a aquarium keeper for about 25 years, I currently have a 900l reef tank and I am completely obsessed with this hobby and particularly attracted to anything odd ball or unusual. I live right on the...
  9. DWhatley

    Evidence for a cordal, not ganglionic, pattern of cephalopod brain neurogenesis

    Evidence for a cordal, not ganglionic, pattern of cephalopod brain neurogenesis Shuichi Shigeno, Rahul Parnaik, Caroline B. Albertin, Clifton W. Ragsdale 2015 (full paper) Contains several excellent image collages of developing bimacs (DWhatley)
  10. T

    Science Research project

    Hello, My name is Sean and I go to Francis Scott Key high school and I own a year old reef tank with zoas, mushrooms and a torch. There is a course at my school called Science Research and I want to do a project on Breeding Dwarf Cuttlefish (Sepia Bandensis). Just a quick thing, I understand...
  11. Thales

    From Pacific Side of Baja, with eggs - what ID say you?

    Taken this week in San Ignacio Lagoon, Pacific side of Baja. Looking to confirm the id. Thanks!
  12. TMoct

    [Octopus]: Iris - O. Briareus

    There is a new tenant in the aquarium, so far without a name. He arrived on Friday, Jan. 10. I ordered this guy on ebay (seller "wmsfm" from Florida). I asked about the species, size, and original home and was told Octopus Vulgaris with 6-8" arms, coming from the Upper Key, FL. Based on this...
  13. DeepBlueWonders

    Cuttlefish Eggs: What to do?

    Hey guys, I just order dwarf cuttle eggs from NY Aquatics. They came in today! I am very excited! The eggs are all in a bundle (probably 15 eggs?) with a few shriveled up eggs. Should I leave the eggs in this bundle? Or seperate them into seperate eggs? Also, should I remove all the shriveled eggs?
  14. S

    Flamboyant cuttle fish eggs help

    Hi all, about a month ago, i happen to chance upon some flamboyant cuttlefish at my lfs! I was so excited that i converted my exististing tank to a species tank for it within a week. Bought myself a chiller, check the parameters and all is good to go. So i went down to the lfs and gotten myself...
  15. asid61

    Bimac breeding

    Do people only get fertile bimac eggs from wild-caught females, or have people kept multiple bimacs together?
  16. Kerrick

    My cuttlefish adventure.

    So hopefully this turns into a very long journal. :smile: (fingers crossed) Got my cuttlefish eggs from a lfs. $60 bucks for a clutch of eggs seems like a great deal and I may order more. I recieved 10 eggs that look viable. 2 eggs that are smaller/not inflated. Two of the viables have...
  17. Mike Bauer

    Cuttlefish eggs and babies for sale

    :grin: All, I just got an email from the owner of NYAQUATIC and he just got in an order of cuttlefish eggs and babies. He is another person who supplies cuttlefish and will work with you to make sure you are happy. I have had good luck with ordering from this place and when I did have an...
  18. smalljerm

    cuttle eggs!

    My cuttlefish eggs are here, i`ve no pictures now, but i`ll upload them tonight!! i`ve a total of 24 eggs.
  19. octopus9

    Help Needed Urgently...EGGS...EGGS

    octo:Aculeatus name: othee temp:79F salinity:1026 tank:20gal Day1: when i woke up today morning 9/9/2009, there are eggs in the glass of the tank and othee is protecting them and does not want to move from that spot...!!!there are between 100-200 eggs...what shall i do ? can eggs hatch...
  20. S


    After about four months of preparation an octopus has arrived this morning. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice in the "Greetings!" thread; you were all a great help. I've named him/her Grendel, because I don't know what it is but I do know it scares my girlfriend to death. Such a little...