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Is keeping a Cuttlefish just like keeping an Octopus?

Sep 14, 2021
Sorry for the dumb grammar, but lemme explain better what I mean...
1. Do Cuttlefishes get bored just like Octopuses, if given no challenge?
2. Do they need the same amount of attention like Octopuses (Ex. food inside jars, toys and etc...)?
3. Can they stay together to other Cuttlefishes, or do they hate each other just like Octopuses?
4. Can you touch or let a Cuttlefish examine you? I saw that they have spikes on their arms, but I'm not sure if they are dangerous saw that S. Bandensis are quite small.
I'm unsure if I much prefer getting an Octopus or a Cuttlefish saw that they are both really cute and fascinating on their own.
About the aquarium I know some stuff after reading a lot of articles here on Tonmo.com, and I know that a lot about the tank depends on the species I get, so there is no need to worry about that.
Anyway thank for the help in advance!

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