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saltwater plants

  1. AquariumDepot

    Last Day for 1 Buck Pods

    What are Saltwater Plants good For? 1. Macroalgae is great for naturally reducing algae - The MACRO out-competes the MICRO and reduces the food source - in essence starving the MICRO algae. 2. Saltwater Plants are great food source for fish. Fish love to much on Algae like ULVA aka Sea...
  2. Mermaid Fan.jpg

    Mermaid Fan.jpg

    Mermaid Fan
  3. Galaxaura 2.jpg

    Galaxaura 2.jpg

  4. Caulerpa-Cuppressoides.jpg


  5. Planted Tank - RED GRAPE-B.jpg

    Planted Tank - RED GRAPE-B.jpg

    Red Grape Plant
  6. Planted Tank - Mexicana-2-B.jpg

    Planted Tank - Mexicana-2-B.jpg

  7. Planted Tank - Halimedia-B.jpg

    Planted Tank - Halimedia-B.jpg

  8. Planted Tank - GRACILARIA-B.jpg

    Planted Tank - GRACILARIA-B.jpg

  9. Planted Tank - FERNCAULERPA-B.jpg

    Planted Tank - FERNCAULERPA-B.jpg

    Fern Caulerpa
  10. Planted Tank - CODIUM-B.jpg

    Planted Tank - CODIUM-B.jpg

  11. Planted Tank - Brush-B-2.jpg

    Planted Tank - Brush-B-2.jpg

    Shaving Brush
  12. Planted Tank - Brush-B.jpg

    Planted Tank - Brush-B.jpg

    Shaving Brush
  13. Col. Cuttlefish

    What are your favorite decorations for your cuttle tank?

    I am looking to decorate the tank and prepare it for some cuttlefish. What are your favorite caves, plants, and other decorations that you have used or seen in a tank?