New to octopus tanks


Aug 8, 2019
Hello so I am interested in starting an octopus tank. I wanted to know what size I should get I am thinking about getting an O. Vulgaris. Also what I might need and where to get an octopus. I am open to looking into other octopus but just need help with finding one and all I need. Any advice for a first time owner? I live in Los Angeles, California and want to start one ASAP! If anyone can help me with filters and what else to get it would be greatly appreciated thank you!


Staff member
May 30, 2000
I trust we'll have some of our resident experts weigh in, but a few things I think are correct:
- vulgaris grow fairly large for a home tank; I think I recall recommendations for at least 75 gallons
- I also understand they are typically nocturnal. If you are a night sleeper, you and your octo buddy may be more estranged than either of you might like.
- you sound like you are in a hurry for this; generally this not a good sign, but if I'm reading you correctly, you just want to get the tank going quickly, not necessarily rush the octo. But just in case šŸ˜ -- we have found that haste breeds failure; this is a pretty painstaking hobby (which is why I don't do it). Keep in mind it can take months to properly cycle your tank before it's ready for a ceph. I don't mean to discourage you from it, but I do mean to encourage you to reflect on this, adapt your plan accordingly, or shelve it for a better time for you if it comes to that!

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